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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 10 Inch Black Tablet (OctaCore 1.9 GHz, 3GB RAM, 32GB HDD, Android 3.0)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 10 Inch Black Tablet (OctaCore 1.9 GHz, 3GB RAM, 32GB HDD, Android 3.0)

Ultimate Productivity and Connectivity Features for Users On-The-Go
The Galaxy Tab S2 delivers unmatched mobility to cater to high-efficiency users seeking maximized productivity. The tablet comes fully equipped and preloaded with Microsoft Office Solutions for ultimate productivity on the road, such as creating and editing documents, while conveniently storing up to 100GB of files on the cloud via OneDrive for two years for free. Also, its compatible with the advanced Book Cover Keyboard that delivers the same convenience of a standard PC keyboard with a built-in trackpad for executing tasks on-the-go.
For enhanced manageability, the Galaxy Tab S2 is built with a touch-enabled Fingerprint Scanner for hassle-free authentication. A built-in advanced security sensor now offers easy access to the personal device with a simple press against the home key. For the most streamlined device management options, the Galaxy Tab S2 features Smart Manager which displays the devices settings automatically, including battery power levels, storage and RAM availability for users to efficiently manage their devices. It is also pre-installed with anti-malware for an extra layer of protection.
In addition, the Galaxy Tab S2 offers Multitasking, allowing users to view and run two apps simultaneously. Also with Pop-Up Window, users can easily navigate between multiple apps at once. The Galaxy Tab S2 also provides an improved storage structure that makes locating files simpler than ever.

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