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Baby Wrap / Sling / Carrier 0-3yrs with carry case – Various Colours (NAVY) – Cheap

Baby Wrap / Sling / Carrier 0-3yrs with carry case - Various Colours (NAVY)
Baby Wrap/Carrier For babies up to 35 lbs.

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2 Responses to Baby Wrap / Sling / Carrier 0-3yrs with carry case – Various Colours (NAVY) – Cheap

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    1 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Baby Wrap / Sling / Carrier 0-3yrs with carry case – Various Colours (Pink) (Baby Product)

    Far too fiddly and awkward to put on. My newborn got very stressed out whilst I battled with trying to get it wrapped around. I watched a tutorial on YouTube several times to no avail. I’ve not used it atall, thus a complete waste of money!!! : (

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    5 Out of 5 Star Rating

    Baby Wrap / Sling / Carrier 0-3yrs with carry case – Various Colours (Dark Purple) (Baby Product)

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and length. It came in a drawstring bag of the same lovely purple colour, and this was also wrapped in plastic, followed by the postage bag. I was worried the colour would be garish bright purple or a depressing ‘dark purple’ as the description says, but was pleased to find it was a medium purple, I would describe as lavender. Perfect for me, for a girl or boy baby, but a bit too girly for the husband to wear. Considering getting it in black for him. I absolutely love it that much. I’m not sure if all the other colours come with drawstring bags but i’d check that as its really helpful to be able to store it neatly away. Unless you have a spare cosmetic bag, as I do, which I could use if needed.
    My only complaint is that it doesn’t come with instructions, but you can find them on YouTube easily, in many languages! I watched a popular one for a Moby wrap, which by the way is exactly the same as this except for the label. I’m not a label queen and love a bargain, so this one suits me.
    Baby was very comfortable and once I watched the YouTube video I managed ok to get her in it. My biggest surprise was how light she felt compared with holding her, and with my Tomy torture device harness. I think this is so much better because it distributes the weight evenly, you can adjust it to spread the material out more so it doesn’t dig in as a harness would. I also tried a ring sling and found the ring dug in and the material wasn’t soft or spreadable enough. And there is plenty of material to play with, so if like me you are carrying some baby weight, it will fit around you, just don’t wrap it around the waist twice as the slim lady on YouTube did! When you do tie it, make sure it’s nice and secure. You want baby close to you, secure but also comfortable. Keep it tight, but not so baby’s blood flow is restricted. It takes a bit of practice to find the happy middle.
    You can also change to a different hold, such as the hip hold, when baby is older, recommended for 9 months plus. The most common hold is the chest hugger hold, or similar, and this is great from birth upwards. I noticed the amazonias YouTube video demonstrated the technique slightly different. For one thing, the amazonias wrap demo got the baby on her chest and then continued wrapping the thing up, which would be difficult to do and dangerous if you grabbed the wrong bit of fabric. The moby demo got the wrap all ready before involving baby, which I would advise. I just noticed that quite a lot of women wrote how difficult they found the wraps to use, and I wondered if it was due to the demo they watched…?
    My baby is a tall wriggling 7 month girl, but she calmed instantly once I got her in and went for a walk. She loved the security whilst being able to observe the world. And she enjoys sucking the material since she is teething!
    I found it cosy, which is good now as its winter, but I’m not sure how I’ll feel having a hot baby strapped to me in summer… it should be ok outside but if you’re like me inside on a hot day, I don’t like layers! But it’s such soft comfy cotton against the skin, so who knows.
    Personally I do not like harnesses. They are mostly made from synthetic fibres, covered with multiple clips, locks, buckles and Velcro (my baby hates the sound of Velcro, and sellotape funnily enough) and they dig in due to thin straps and they don’t cater for bigger people.
    I was glad to find this versatile alternative of fabric wraps, which Asian, Indian and African women have been using successfully for hundreds of years. Seriously, think about it, what did people use before harnesses were invented?
    I would definitely recommend this product and I will definitely purchase again. The first one I ordered, a red one at Christmas, unfortunately never arrived… but Amazon gave me a gift voucher for the refund. This company did confirm dispatch and responded to my query promptly. I was not put off and ordered again, choosing purple this time. And delivery was very quick too. Worth the wait. Success! 🙂

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