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La Hacienda Heatblox Logs – 12 Pack – Discounted

La Hacienda Heatblox Logs - 12 Pack
These Heatblox Logs from La Hacienda are the ideal fuel source. Suitable for chimeneas firepits and wood burning stoves they are easy to light and provide long lasting smoke free warmth.Made from compressed recycled sawdust these logs are an eco-friendly way to enjoy heat in your garden without having to worry about environmental harm.Pack of 12

  • La Hacienda Heat Blox are clean to use
  • Emit little smoke and leave you with only a small amount of ash
  • With a good heat output, they will give off no sparks or spitting and so are even safe for grilling and barbecuing over
  • 12 Sawdust Logs Per Pack

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