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Playtastic XXL-Punch-Ballons, set of 5 – Cut Price

Playtastic XXL-Punch-Ballons, set of 5
This set of Punch Balloons is a fantastic anti-frust toy for children and adults. It is instantaneously ready to use. A great classic game re-discovered for you. With the rubber band on the hand, you can come down really hard on the ball. Without rubber band Punch- Ballon is a great playmate. It can be re-used a number of times: simply let the air out after the game – until the next time!

  • Huge punch ballon Ø 45 cm
  • Punch-ballon can also be used as a training device for children’s gymnastics
  • Set of 5 with balloons in colourful – mixed colours
  • improves, amongst other things, hand/eye coordination
  • is more robust than a normal balloon and floats majestically through the air

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