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Black Friday 2017: Best mobile deals

Want an Apple iPhone 7 or 6S on the cheap? How about a Galaxy S8? Ahead of Black Friday 2017 kicking off on the 24th of November, a number of mobile deals have leaked out.

Here’s the best ones. As more deals are announced, we’ll be adding them to this page as well as our big Black Friday 2017 deals round-up page. Until then, here’s what you can buy right now:

Apple iPhone 7: Best Black Friday deals

Carphone Warehouse is slashing the price of 32GB and 128GB versions of the iPhone 7.

Top deals include ones which see you paying GBP19.99 up front for a 32GB iPhone 7 (instead of GBP199.99) and GBP39.99/month for a 20GB data deal, or, GBP129.99 up front and GBP39/month for a 128GB iPhone 7 on a 20GB plan.

Apple iPhone 6S: Best Black Friday deals

EE’s taken the axe to 32GB and 128GB iPhone 6Ss prices; you can now get these free on contracts from GBP30.49/month and GBP35.49/month. These deals only give you 500MB a month, mind, so you’re better off getting going for something like one of the 8GB plans, which cost GBP37.99/month and GBP42.99/month each, no upfront cost for either phone, again.

Samsung Galaxy S8: Best Black Friday deals

Carphone’s got some great deals on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 phone, including a GBP29/month O2 deal, which gives you 12GB of data, plus unlimited calls and texts and GBP100 (instead of GBP200) up front for a 64GB Galaxy S8.

Google Pixel 2: Best Black Friday deals

If you want one of Google’s own Pixel phones, there’s a number of good deals currently available from Carphone Warehouse, the best, in our opinion, is the EE one which sees you paying GBP69.99 for the phone (instead of GBP259.99) and GBP37.99/month, for which you’ll get unlimited calls and texts, 15GB of data, access to the fastest speeds on EE’s network and free BT Sport mobile, for 24 months.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium: Best Black Friday deals

The Sony Xperia XZ Premium is one of the best phones of 2017, boasting a Cat 16 LTE 4×4 MIMO antenna set up (theoretically capable of delivering 1Gbps download speeds), support for high-resolution audio and a 4k HDR screen. Get it for just GBP29.99 – instead of the regular GBP259.99 – on a GBP44/month 24 month 16GB Vodafone plan.

Huawei P10: Best Black Friday deals

The Huawei P10 comes with a decent camera and an intelligent machine learning-powered algorithm which actively learns which apps you use the most, allowing the phone to save battery.

The best EE deal is an 8GB option which costs GBP32.99/month, no up front cost for the P10, 24 months’ of free BT Sport mobile and the fastest speeds available on EE’s 4G network.

Carphone offers include a 24 month O2 deal, which sees you paying GBP29.99 up front for the phone and GBP29/month for a 12GB data plan.

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