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Black Friday 2017: only two weeks to go

The biggest shopping day of the year is just two weeks away, and if you’re planning on bagging some bargains, now is the time to start doing your research. Friday 24 November is the date to circle in your diaries, but don’t wait too much longer before you start planning ahead. Many of the special offers you’ll see on the day won’t be as exclusive as they seem, but some can offer great value – with just a little swotting up you can spot the difference and make sure you don’t get caught out.

Check out all our top tips, advice on your rights and the products to watch out for in our guide to Black Friday 2017[1].

Make the most of Black Friday sales

With the frenzy of marketing around Black Friday, it can be tricky to figure out whether or not you’re getting the best value for money on your purchases. Follow our expert shopping tips to get ahead of the game:

  • Research the products you want beforehand: A bargain is only a bargain if the product’s a good one. We’ve got lab test results for thousands of products on our website, so use our expert reviews to find out which products are best and avoid getting lumbered with a Black Friday dud.
  • Analyse prices before you start shopping: Knowing how much a product has actually been sold for previously will help you work out if a ‘deal’ is really a deal.

    We have a useful Price Predictor feature on some of our most popular product categories that shows you how prices have changed over time. Read our guide on how to use Price Predictor[2] to save on your purchases.

  • Create a wishlist: Many online retailers, including Amazon, let you set up a wishlist where you can add all the things you want to buy. Then, instead of trawling through all the Black Friday deals, you can just click straight through to your list of desired products to see if any are discounted.

For all the best shopping advice, read the full list of our top 15 shopping tips for Black Friday[3].

What do retailers have in store?

Although Black Friday is officially a couple of weeks away, some retailers will start their promotions early.

Historically, Black Fridays have seen retail websites crash and high street shoppers come to blows in manic pursuit of bargains, so the extra time should come as welcome news for consumers. Spreading the bargain-hunting period across a number of days can help reduce the risk of impulse buying and give you a chance to check that the deals you’re being promised are genuine. In previous, years we’ve found that almost half the Black Friday deals we tracked were actually cheaper before or after the day itself, so it’s worth researching the price history of a product before trusting that a Black Friday discount offers a genuine, unique saving.

Read our guide to make sure you know how to check if a deal is real.[4] Amazon launches its 10-day long Black Friday promotion at midnight on 17 November. New deals will be revealed on each of the days that the promotion is running.

This will include the retailer’s popular Lightning Deals, which offer special discounts on a small number of products for a brief period of time. Amazon Prime members will be able to browse 30 minutes before other shoppers. Some retailers already have promotions up and running.

Halfords has begun a series of weekly countdown deals in the run up to the big day itself, with offers on bicycles, tools and roof boxes all available. You can expect several other shops to announce early sale dates soon – keep an eye out for stores starting their discounts from early next week.

Choose the right deals for you

We’ve been monitoring the prices of popular items all year, and put together our own lists of deals we think you should look out for. Check out our guides to the best Black Friday TVs, laptops and other tech products[5] and the best Black Friday coffee machines, vacuums and other home products[6].

For the deals that we think may not be as good as they seem, read our guide to deals to be wary of this Black Friday[7].


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