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Black Friday: which Nextbase dash cam should you buy?

With Black Friday’s reputation for discounts, it can be hard to tell when you’re actually getting a good deal on a product. Is it really on offer, or can you get it cheaper at other times of year? With four days to go until the big day, we take a look at the popular Nextbase dash cam range to see what prices you can expect and whether or not you should take the plunge.

There are currently nine Nextbase dash cams reviewed on the Which? website, with a 10th soon to follow after the release of the new 612GW. That’s a lot to choose from, and it can be tough to tell the difference between them – let alone knowing how much you should spend. Read on to see which model is right for you and what sort of price you should be aiming to get it for.

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Nextbase 612GW

The aforementioned 612GW is Nextbase’s most technologically advanced dash cam yet. The big draw here is the first instance we’ve ever seen of a 4K lens on a dash cam.

In theory that should mean a super-sharp picture, although we couldn’t possibly say for sure until we get to run it through our test lab. Given that it’s only just launched don’t expect to see any discounts just yet. Good for: those who have to have the latest tech.
Price range to buy at: anything under the GBP250 RRP is a steal.

Nextbase 512GW

Released earlier this year, the 512GW was previously the most advanced Nextbase model you could buy, although curiously it wasn’t as expensive as some of its predecessors.

It has a Quad HD lens, which until now would be the highest resolution you’d expect to see on a dash cam. Despite the similar name, it’s important not to confuse this with 4K, though, as it actually has less than half as many total pixels. It also has a 140-degree field of view and touch-sensitive controls on its face.

In theory it should see a reduction in price, however, it’s still so new we’re not so sure – plus it’s in a totally different price bracket to the 612GW. Good for: those who want a top-tier dash cam without adopting the latest model early.
Price range to buy at: if you can find any discount on its GBP150 RRP you should take it. Read our full Nextbase 512GW review[2] to find out more.

Nextbase 412GW

Now we’re talking.

The 412GW was Nextbase’s flagship device at this point last year, but as two direct successors have been released since then, it’s looking like a prime candidate to receive a discount. It has GPS and wi-fi just like the models that have succeeded it, but it ‘only’ has a Full-HD lens – still the industry standard. In fact at a glance you’d be hard pushed to distinguish it from the 512GW – that lens is really the only difference.

Good for: those happy with with last year’s best.
Price range to buy at: we’ve already seen reductions on its GBP130 RRP, and that’s before Black Friday – aim for around the GBP100 mark. For our in-depth verdict read our Nextbase 412GW review.[3]

Nextbase 312GW

Very similar to the 412GW, by Nextbase’s own admission it has slightly worse image quality and night vision. The display on it is only 2.7 inches as opposed to three, and the buttons surrounding it are physical rather than touch-sensitive.

The remaining features are all very similar, though, making it a valid budget purchase, even more than 18 months on from its launch. The few stores still stocking it may well be looking to shift their remaining models this Black Friday, so keep your eyes peeled for a deal. Good for: bargain hunters.
Price range to buy at: GBP100 at launch – there’s no way you should be paying that now.

If you can’t find it with at least 20% off, just go for the 412GW instead. Find out how it performed in the lab by reading our full Nextbase 312GW review.[4]

Nextbase 212 Lite

Despite its name, the 212 Lite was actually released alongside the 312GW in March 2016. At the time it was designed to be a more basic, affordable model.

However, the price was already so reasonable at launch we’re not actually too sure if there will be many discounts going. It’s still in stock at plenty of stores – presumably a popular model because of how affordable it is. It’s more compact than any other cam on this list, but it also sacrifices wi-fi and GPS to achieve that.

Good for: those happy with just the basics.
Price range to buy at: it’s hard to argue with the very reasonable GBP70 RRP.

Any discount on that and you’re practically robbing them.

For more, read our in-depth Nextbase 212 Lite review[5].


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