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First Look: Shark DuoClean cordless vacuum

Shark’s DuoClean Flexology cordless vacuum cleaner has some tempting features compared with its rivals, including interchangeable batteries, a folding stick design, and dual brush bars on the LED-lit floorhead. It’s also claimed to be five times more powerful than the Gtech Air-Ram cordless vacuum cleaner. We took this cordless vacuum for a spin to see how well it tackled household grime, and whether the extra features add up to a fuss-free cleaning experience.

Find out more and see the Shark Duoclean in action in our video below, or jump straight to the full Shark DuoClean first look review[1].

Video: Shark Duoclean in action

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We tried out the Shark DuoClean IF250UKT model, which costs GBP380. There are three other models in the range, which are cheaper and include fewer accessories or just one battery.

Shark Duoclean vs rivals

Shark may have chosen to take on Gtech in its marketing campaign, but the DuoClean has more in common looks-wise with Dyson’s popular cord-free stick vacuums.

You get a small handheld vacuum that attaches to a long cleaning tube and floor tool. You can also use it as a handheld cleaner, swapping the floor tool for smaller cleaning tools to tackle sofas, crevices and more. With the Gtech Air Ram, you’d need to buy the bundle with the handheld Gtech Multi vacuum cleaner[2] to get the same versatility, as the Air Ram itself is only suitable for cleaning floors.

shark vs dyson cordlessThe Shark DuoClean has a similar look to Dyson’s cordless models

Shark isn’t the only brand to switch to a Dyson-style design over the past year.

We’ve tested cordless vacuums from Hoover, Morphy Richards, Vax and more that have made the switch. To differentiate themselves, some brands are offering cheaper alternatives, while others, such as Shark, have opted for extra features. More choice sounds promising, but we’ve found plenty of models that don’t live up to the cleaning standards you’d expect once you get them home.

Check our list of Don’t Buy cordless vacuums[3] to see the models we recommend steering clear of.

Dyson cordless vacuum reviews – get our verdict on the Dyson range, which have all been through our independent cleaning tests[4]

Shark Duoclean cordless: 3 key features we like

There are several key features on the Shark Duoclean that we think might tempt you:

  1. Fancy floorhead – the dual-brush floorhead combines a traditional bristle turbo brush with a soft roller, is suitable for all floor types, and has snazzy LED lights on the front to light up dusty corners.
  2. Swappable batteries – this model includes two lithium-ion batteries and a charging station. Unusually, you can charge the batteries either in the docking station, while in the vacuum, or on their own. Most importantly, you can have your spare at the ready so you’re never caught short part-way during cleaning.
  3. Flexi-tube – allows you to fold down the vac for storage, or to get under low furniture by bending the tube while cleaning.

Do these features add up to a better cleaning experience?

Check our Shark DuoClean first look review[5] for our initial verdict on this vacuum.

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Choosing the best cordless vacuum cleaner

Shark is one of several brands bringing something different to the table as the cordless market continues to boom. Samsung and Bosch announced new cordless vacuum launches[7] earlier this year. Both will take a similar approach to Shark, offering interchangeable batteries and extra functions. These models are due to launch in the next few months, so we’ll bring your our first look verdicts as soon as we can get hold of them.

If you want to buy a cordless vacuum cleaner now, check our list of the best cordless vacuum cleaners of 2017[8] to ensure you get the best option for your budget.


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