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Samsung TVs reviewed – could these be 2017’s Black Friday bargains?

In August this year, we found a range of new Samsung TVs on its support pages that we thought could be discounted for the Black Friday shopping spree. Our interest was initially peaked when, at the same time last year, Samsung added new models – the UE40KU6020 and UE50KU6020. Despite little fanfare, these TVs were among the most popular products on during 2016’s Black Friday period, after retailers dropped their prices.

It’s possible that the same thing could happen this year – in which case you’ll want to know which models we found.

  • Samsung M5520, likely similar to the M5500
  • Samsung M6320, likely similar to the M6300
  • Samsung MU6120, likely similar to the MU6100
  • Samsung MU6220, likely similar to the MU6200

True to form, these TVs have now appeared on the shelves, and most importantly, we’ve put them through our test lab for a thorough examination. Could these be TVs that get some healthy discounts around the Black Friday period? If so, you’ll want to do your research in advance – and we have all the details for you below.

We reveal two Best Buys from Samsung but a mixed performance overall, and we also unveil new TVs from Panasonic and Philips. Best Buy televisions[1] – these TVs soared through our lab tests

Reviewed: Samsung’s potential Black Friday bargains

Samsung’s 32-43-inch TVs

If your Black Friday bargain hunting includes a smaller TV for your bedroom, you might want to consider one of the recently tested models above. The Samsung UE32M5520 has a 32-inch display and comes with Freeview HD built in.

It has various smart-TV apps pre-installed, so you’ll have instant access to streaming services including Netflix. You can’t watch 4K Ultra-HD content on this TV, but it does have PVR functionality, meaning you can record programmes if you plug in an external USB storage device. To see if this TV scored well in our lab, head over to our Samsung UE32M5520 review[2].

A step up in terms of screen size, the Samsung UE43M5520[3] has a 43-inch display. It plays online content in the form of catch-up apps and streaming services, sat alongside traditional TV channels. This larger Samsung model doesn’t support 4K Ultra-HD resolutions, but there is still a Freeview-HD tuner tucked inside.

Similar to its 32-inch sibling, this TV can also act as a PVR, meaning you can record programmes to an external USB storage device, and as an added bonus you can pause live shows if you need to put the kettle on.

Samsung’s 49-50-inch TVs

Black Friday can be one of the best times of year to treat yourself to a new large-screen TV for your living room – so these 49-50-inch sets should be on your radar. Competition is very tight in the 49-inch area of the market, but our expert reviews can help you spot the right model for you.

The Samsung UE49M5520[4] has just returned from our test lab. This 49-inch model has Freeview HD and smart-TV functions, and we found the set-up process hassle-free.

As this TV has built-in PVR functionality, you can record programmes without the need for a separate box, though this does require an external USB storage device. If you’ve got a bigger budget, you might want to treat yourself to a 50-inch display. The Samsung UE50MU6120 comes with a 4K Ultra-HD screen.

It runs on Samsung’s smart-TV platform, which is a breeze to use from the get-go. You can manually sort your streaming apps and there are more available through the TV’s built-in app store. See our Samsung UE50MU6120 review[5] to find out if this Samsung TV is a proven Best Buy.

Samsung’s 55-65-inch TVs

If you’re really pushing the boat out, there’s nothing better than getting a hefty Black Friday discount on a big-screen TV.

The Samsung UE55MU6220 might be on your wishlist if you’re looking for a curved model. It’s a 55-inch set from Samsung’s popular 6 series, arriving with a 4K Ultra-HD screen and support for high dynamic range (HDR) content. But can that big screen serve up plenty of colour detail?

You’ll have to see our Samsung UE55MU6220 review[6] for the details.

Other TVs on test

Our experts have also put the Samsung QE49Q7C[7] through its paces. This top-of-the-range Samsung TV has a 49-inch curved screen and is part of the brand’s QLED range. It has 4K Ultra-HD resolution and supports HDR content, which in theory should offer up brighter whites and darker blacks on-screen.

The list of features also includes a Freeview-HD tuner and built-in Freesat HD, wi-fi support and a box attached to the TV designed to hide unsightly wires. Samsung wasn’t the only big-name TV brand under the spotlight in our recent TV tests. We’ve also had our hands (and eyes) on the Philips 55PUS6162/05.[8] This hefty 55-inch Philips TV supports 4K Ultra-HD resolution, and has a Freeview-HD tuner to pick up the free-to-watch HD and SD channels.

Unlike others in the range it doesn’t run on the Android TV platform, though it does offer the intuitive Freeview Play. Last but not least is the whopping 65-inch Panasonic TX-65EX600B. It’s a mid-range Panasonic model with a 4K Ultra-HD display, which means it offers four times the number of pixels as a Full-HD rival.

Popular catch-up apps including BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub are on-board, along with Freeview Play, and you can ‘pin’ your most-used to the homescreen for quick access. See what we made of the picture quality in our Panasonic TX-65EX600B review[9]. Only Which? members can see what our experts made of the picture quality of the TVs mentioned above.

For the full details on the latest modes from the likes of Samsung, Panasonic and Philips, see our TV reviews[10] page.


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