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The cheapest way to repair an iPhone X

The iPhone X: stunning, stylish and slippery. All that stainless steel and glass means the X isn’t the easiest phone to grip and the 5.8-inch OLED screen that occupies the entire front of the handset isn’t going to win in a fight with a granite floor. Despite Apple claiming the X had the most durable glass ever on a smartphone, various tech websites have been taking this to task.

It’s fair to say the results aren’t great, with technology website[1] showing that it cracked on the first drop, while MacRumours[2] reports on how extended-warranty provider SquareTrade names it the ‘most breakable iPhone ever’. At ?999, there’s no doubt the iPhone X is the most expensive handset Apple has ever produced, so you can bet the cost of repairing that cutting-edge display won’t be cheap. You get a one-year warranty, but that won’t cover you for clumsy accidents that see your X taking a tumble.

At least it’s waterproof. So if you’re shelling out for Apple’s new headliner, there’s a fair chance you’ll also be looking to cover yourself against the odd mishap. We’ve looked at insurers and Apple’s own repair service to find the most cost-effective way of replacing a cracked iPhone X screen.

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The cost of an iPhone X screen

Let’s get the bad news out of the way: the cost of replacing the iPhone X screen with Apple is ?286. Now that you’ve finished wrapping your phone in cotton wool, take a look at these insurance options to see what you can do to avoid paying through the nose for a new screen, or further damage to your phone.


For ?199 you get two years of cover from Apple. There’s no monthly option, so you’ll need to pay the entire ?199 upfront. the high cost of the iPhone X is reflected in its Applecare+ price too – if you wanted the same cover for the iPhone 8 it would only cost ?129.

At ?25, Applecare+ has the lowest excess cost for a screen repair. Any other damage to the phone will cost ?79 to repair. The catch is that you can only claim twice for accidental damage.

Any manufacturer’s faults will be covered for two years, but you won’t be covered for loss or theft.

Alternative mobile phone insurance

All of the insurers we looked at, with the exception of Multigadget, charged more for cover than Apple. As well as being cheapest overall, Applecare+ also has the lowest rate of excess for screen replacements. On the flipside, with Applecare+ you are limited to two accidental damage claims across the two years, whereas most of the insurance companies have no claim limit.

The main reason to choose insurance over Applecare+ is the benefit of having loss and theft protection. Applecare+ can only help you with a faulty phone or one you’ve damaged. Paying slightly more for insurance could be a better option if you want the added peace of mind.

Consider a case

Covering up the beautiful iPhone X with a chunky case is a travesty, but if it prevents a shattered screen then it may be worth it.

Look for cases that wrap around the screen, so if you laid the phone face down it would be propped up by the edge of the case rather than the display. This will help keep your phone better protected, particularly from scratching. You can already find a range of cases for the iPhone X for as little as a few pounds.

Alternatively, a screen protector could be a good middle ground. Available for even less, it can offer some degree of protection against drops and scrapes.

The cheapest way to insure the iPhone X

You may not need a separate insurance policy if you’ve already got suitable home contents insurance. Some policies cover you for accidental damage even if you dropped your phone while outside.

However, this may not be part of your current contents insurance, and may not apply to all policies. You’ll also have to check that the full value of the handset is covered, and the level of excess in place. Since this could work out far cheaper overall than dedicated mobile phone insurance, it’s well worth checking in advance.

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