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Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper for King Size Bed, Orthopaedic Anti Allergy Microfibers Mattress Protector for a Deep Sleep, Hypoallergenic, 4 cm Thick – Price Special

Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper for King Size Bed, Orthopaedic Anti Allergy Microfibers Mattress Protector for a Deep Sleep, Hypoallergenic, 4 cm Thick
Your mattress topper can make the world of difference to your rest, as it not only acts as a bed protector by reducing wear and tear, but also enhances your sleep quality with soft padding

The Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper has been scientifically engineered and designed to offer true relaxation in a way that no other topper was ever able to.

★ For people who are suffering from lower back pain, suitable for side, back and stomach sleepers and people who need extra cushioning around their necks and shoulders

★ Designed to deliver a rejuvenating sleep experience, its ergonomic, orthopaedic quality memory foam conforms to your body perfectly and supports all parts of your body

★ The highly responsive active suspension will reduce the motion transfer from your sleeping partner, offering true comfort and relaxation

★ A great investment that does not deteriorate the same way over time. There will be no need to flip our memory foam mattress as it always bounces back to its original shape

★ Utilizing our Bamboo toppers will, in the long run, pay dividends, as it allows your mattress to stay newer for longer and provides you with increased comfort. When the topper has taken all it can after the barrage of nightly activities, it is a small expenditure to replace as necessary rather than reaching the stage where the complete mattress requires replacement

★ It has the best contouring of your head, neck, shoulder, rib, waist and hips and thus giving you the maximum stress relief, so you will wake up feeling refreshed, and free from back and joint pain

★ Showcases fantastic breathability and contributes to optimum temperature condition, offering a cool sensation in the summer and a cosy, comfortable warm feeling during the winter

Try NOW the perfect mattress topper and if for any reason you feel that this is not the ideal match for you, we will refund every penny out of your purchase!

  • REVOLUTIONARY MEMORY FOAM THAT RESPONDS TO THE SHAPE OF YOUR BODY and will form around you as soon as you lay down on your bed, providing the necessary orthopaedic support where needed. It offers a much denser comfort layer that conforms more efficiently to the curves and physical contours of your body. There will be no permanent impressions no matter how much you use it
  • PROTECT YOUR MATTRESS AND EXPERIENCE BETTER SUPPORT with our well-rounded topper which will last for years. Designed to provide higher levels of sleep comfort because they relieve stress and strain on your body’s key pressure points, it will absorb friction and enhance your mattress’ longevity
  • TOSSING AND TURNING WON’T KEEP YOU AWAKE ANY MORE, as it is fantastic at reducing the transmission of movement from your partner. If you sleep with someone whose movements keep you awake, you will finally be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Due to its instantly re-adjusting microfibers, it does not transfer the noise and the movement on the other side of the bed is unnoticeable
  • MAINTAINS THE OPTIMUM TEMPERATURE, offering fantastic ventilation so your body temperature will stay regulated, effectively avoiding unpleasant heat retention. It will retain an ultra-soft cool feeling during the hot summer months and a cozy warm feeling during winter and is an effective way to combat hot flushes and night sweats that are caused due to medical conditions
  • HYPOALLERGENIC TESTED AND APPROVED, with odour resistant properties, it is phenomenal option for individuals that are suffering from asthma, hay fever & other airborne such as Dust mites & Pet allergies. It showcases anti-bacterial and microbial properties and will drastically relieve neck pains, migraines, snoring and Insomnia

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