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10 Set Pet Rope Toys, Chew Toys for Dogs Teeth Aids for Small to Medium Pet Material Non-Toxic Tasteless Sturdy Durable – Limited Price

10 Set Pet Rope Toys, Chew Toys for Dogs Teeth Aids for Small to Medium Pet Material Non-Toxic Tasteless Sturdy Durable
Product Properties:
▶ Material: Cotton + TRP
▶ Size:
Rope Diameter: 18cm
8 Word Length: 25.5cm
Hammer Length: 41cm
Short Rope Length: 25cm
Rubber Ring Diameter: 9cm
Rope Diameter: 5.5cm
Bone rope length: 36cm
Radish Rope Length: 22cm
Rope Shoes Long: 18cm, width; 7cm

Product Features:
▶ Material: Cotton, strong and hard, not easy to be bitten by dogs, suitable for use in large canine molars.Beautiful and vibrant colors,
All pet rope chew toy look beautiful and seductive, meet your puppy’s different requirements, fit the ideal of small and medium dogs.
▶ Function: For puppies, their new teeth grow up, bite slippers or furniture to relieve discomfort; for adult dogs, feeling irritated,
Imprisoned and lack of sports, bite to vent bad emotion.chewing rope are a best choice, occupied to prevent he/she damaging your furniture
▶ Using Objects:Our pet toy shapes vary in size, suitable for medium and small pets, can stimulate pet interest.Indoor and outdoor can use it.

Packaging Includes:

▶ Rope ring x1

▶ 8 word rope x1

▶ Hammer rope x1

▶ Short rope x2

▶ Rubber ring x1

▶ Rope ball x1

▶ Bone rope x1
▶ Radish rope x1

▶ Rope shoes x1

Warm Tip:

▶ Clean and inspect after each use. Remove damaged toys.
▶ Large dogs and powerful chewers may destroy the toy easily and ripped pieces may create a choking hazard to your lovely pet.

♥Thank you for your presence and wish you a happy life.

  • ♥ Safe Material: Our pet rope chew toy are made of 100% safe, non-toxic, durable cotton fiber, very suitable for small and medium-sized pet indoor and outdoor play, training and daily exercise.
  • ♥ Set: The package includes 10 kinds of pet bite toys(interactive toys, rope toys, chewing toys, Frisbee toys, dog toy balls, 8-character rope toys,Radish rope,Rubber ring etc).
  • ♥ Benefits of Teeth: Chewing rope chew toys promote clean teeth and help control plaque and tartar accumulation,keep the freshness of oral cavity.reduce plaque accumulation and prevent gum disease.Can reduce the rate of catching calculus.
  • ♥ Promote Feelings: Chew toys is suitable for you and your pet to play together,the interactive games between pets and master, can enhance the emotion between you and puppies.Spend your time, alleviate the dog’s separation loneliness, makes them happy.
  • ♥ After Sales Service: If the product has quality problems or you are not satisfied with our products, please contact us,we will return the goods for you.

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