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FeelGoodUK Chicken Coop with Internal Roosting Perches – Price Special

FeelGoodUK Chicken Coop with Internal Roosting Perches
Our stunning NCH10 Medium Chicken Coop and Run has been manufactured using only the strongest and finest materials.
Our coops are designed and built by real craftsmen.
Manufactured using tong and groove boards which are both attractive and durable, this combination produces a great looking and highly practical coop.

We have designed our coop with a removable slide out metal floor at the front which makes cleaning out the coop a simple and easy job
this ensures that the floor can be cleaned thoroughly on a regular basis thereby reducing the build up of any harmful bacteria.

The front of the coop has a large door for easy access, to enable you to further clean the coop.
The side of the coop to the run has an access ramp to make it as easy as possible for your birds to get in and out effortlessly.
We have added an extra sliding door to the side to allow you to lock your birds in at night which is also an important feature of this coop.
The wood is treated using a water based anti fungicidal animal and environment friendly stain.
This coop includes 2 roosting perches.

All our products arrive flat packed with instructions ready & easy to assemble. As found from previous experiences coop’s sent ready built not only cost more to send, but they tend to arrive broken.

ALL WOODWORK is of the Highest Quality, Jointed, Sanded and Screwed.
Please look at the detail, this really is what you will get!
We cannot express how good the quality is on our items, you have to see to believe.

  • Sliding access door to the run
  • External nesting area’s within the nest box
  • Slide out galvanised steel dirt tray
  • 1x internal roosting perches
  • No felt on any of the roofs

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