Learning Resources Smart Splash Number Fun Ducks


We at Early Childhood Resources (ECR) are committed to developing and distributing only the highest quality furniture, classroom equipment, and art products, ensuring that these products represent the maximum value in today’s marketplace. Our focus and commitment continues to bring added value in features, functionality and performance while always offering optimal service. Water play is fun and calming to young children! Adorable ducks (LER 7301) teach number sense with dots on the top and matching number on the bottom odd in blue even in orange. Each set is made of mold-resistant plastic and includes a reusable mesh bag. Measures 2.75 in x 3 .75 in.


  • Ideal for water play and bath time
  • Reinforces numbers & counting skills
  • Provides imaginative play opportunities
  • Colour-coded odd and even
  • Set of 10

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