Honfa 15 Pack Miele FJM bags Miele C1 Vcuum Bags Replacement Compact C2 C1 9917710 S700 S4000 and S6000 Series Vacuums Cleaners,HyClean FJM Miele Bags Efficiency Dustbags kits


  • Honfa Miele Vacuum Cleaner Bags fit the following Miele compact style canister models: S241 through S256i, S290 and S291, S300i through S399, S500 through S578, S700 through S758, S4000 through S4999 (Galaxy Series),S700 and S6000 through S6999.Compact C1, Compact C2, Complete C1
  • Dust Bag Features: Follow the vacuum of the genuine bags with a 5 layer micro plus filtration system for maximum dust absorption retaining more dust particles than the conventional paper dust bags.
  • Advantage: For Miele FJM vacuum cleaner replacement dustbags feature nine layers of microfiber material for higher filtration performance. The easy to remove bag automatically seals when the dust compartment lid is opened, preventing any leakage of dust.
  • Suggest: Replacing your Vacuum bags and filters regularly to improve the cleaning performance and suction of your vacuum cleaner.
  • What can you get: 15 Pack FJM Miele Vacuum bag,3 pack motor filter,3 pack super air clean filter and HongFa best services.
First Available: 24 Oct. 2016

SKU: B01M315206
Batteries Required: No

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