High Quality Guitar Multi Tool String Winder & Cutter in Gift Bag

High Quality Guitar Multi Tool String Winder & Cutter in Gift Bag


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  • Pro-String Winder & Cutter for easy, quick and reliable string changes
  • Essential kit for any guitarist – light ,sturdy & durable, made to live in a guitar case
  • Peg remover for Acoustic guitar string pegs
  • Cool black velvet bag & bonus picks – Great gift for guitarists, amateur and professional.

Product description

Quality multi guitar tool comes complete with gift bag and 5 celluloid plectrums. Great gift for guitarists, amateur and professional. Guitar tool provides all you need for replacing your strings for acoustic or electric guitars; String cutter, winder and peg lifting tool.
Essential kit for Guitarists?
We are professional guitarists at Chickenburger Guitars (our founder only eats Chicken Burgers when recording in the studio!). We recognize that changing strings can be annoying and tiresome because you simply want to start playing as soon as possible. However, get your string wind wrong and your strings will go out of tune more quickly and will become weak at the stress points, breaking more easily.
That is why this tool is essential kit – The string winder ensures quick, even string winds on the tuning peg for better tuning and longer string life. The string cutter easily bites through even heavy gauge string making sure you get rid of your troublesome excess string in a single cut. For the Acoustic guitar players, there is a peg lifter to ensure you free the peg holding the bridge/”ball” end of your string without damaging your guitar.
Buying as a Gift but not a guitarist yourself ?
This quality multi tool comes in a black velvet gift bag with complementary celluloid picks to make it the ideal gift for the guitarist in your life.
This tool is perfect for the vast majority of Electric, Acoustic guitars, Banjos and Ukuleles. Please note that the string winder is generic to the most common types of tuning pegs. Some tuning pegs are smaller in size and the winder will not fit tightly but should still be effective. Note this product is NOT suitable for Bass Guitars. UNLIMITED WARRANTY. If this tool is faulty in any way and any time after purchase we will replace it, no questions asked. Future Guitar legends must have good gear !

First Available: 18 Mar. 2019
Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 2 cm

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