Big Potato Head Hackers: A Mind-Reading Family Party Game

SALE PRICE: £13.97

  • PSYCHIC POWERS AT THE READY: Introducing the mind-reading, clue-stealing family party game for kids and adults alike.
  • LINK UP AND SYNC UP: Pass on the secret word to your teammate by writing down three one-word clues.
  • WATCH OUT FOR THE OTHER PLAYERS: If they manage to hack into your brain and predict your clues, they’ll steal your points for themselves.
  • BEWARE THE BRAINWAVE BLOCKING TIN FOIL HAT: Includes an official Brainwave-Blocking tin foil hat to prevent the other players (and the government) from reading your thoughts.
  • EASY TO LEARN, QUICK TO PLAY: Just like the best family games for 12 and up, this takes around two minutes to learn and 20 minutes to play.

Product description

HEAD HACKERS: A MIND-READING FAMILY PARTY GAME. Head Hackers is a family party game all about reading minds and stealing clues for players aged 12 and up. Each round, one player will strap on the tinfoil hat and try to get their team mate to read their mind.. while keeping all the other players out. Here’s how it works. You’ll get a secret word that you need to pass on to your teammate in order to get your piece around the board. To pass the secret on, you’ll need to write down three one-word clues for them to read. If they figure it out, you’ll both walk off with the points. There’s just one problem. All the other teams know the secret word as well, and they’ll be trying their absolute hardest to get inside your head and predict which clues you’ll write down for your teammate. If they match even just one of your clues, they’ll steal some of your points for themselves. Here’s how all the scoring works: Scoring works like this: if The Guesser gets the Secret Word right: The tinfoil hat wearing team score 2 points. The tinfoil hat wearing team score 1 point for every Clue Word that the other teams failed to hack.The other teams score 1 point for any of their Clue Words that matched the Writer’s. If the Guesser gets the Secret Word wrong: The tinfoil hat wearing team fail to score any points in this round. The other teams immediately score 2 points each. The other teams score 1 point for any of their Clue Words that matched the Writer’s. It’s a party game for teens, for families or just for adults playing by themselves. All you’ll need is a trustworthy teammate, a little craftiness and a government-grade, brainwave-blocking hat to protect you. (Don’t worry, we included the third one in the game for you to keep.)

First Available: 16 July 2019
Dimensions: 41 x 26.9 x 28 cm

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