Cabin Max Packing Cubes Holiday Essentials | Perfect Holiday Accessories to Accompany Any Travel Bag to Any Destination | Ideal as a Bag Organiser | Measuring 38x28x10cm (Red)


  • ✔️ DIMENSIONS – Measuring 38x28x10 cm this pack of two packing cubes is the perfect fit for any cabin suitcase or travel bag with an included cabin luggage approved transparent toiletry bag
  • ✔️ SECURE – Your packing cubes come with zip closure to prevent anything contained within from falling out and to enable greater packing freedom
  • ✔️ EASE – The mesh front to your packing cubes allows the items within to breathe whilst allowing you to see what each one contains at a glance making gathering your belongings a lot easier when arriving at your destination or unpacking your luggage
  • ✔️ TOILETRY BAG – Included with your packing cubes is a transparent toiletry bag cabin luggage approved allowing you to speed up the airport process
  • ✔️ DESIGN – Your packing cubes have been designed specifically with ease of travel in mind, whether that ease is fitting more luggage in your travel bag or cabin suitcase or whether it’s speeding up your airport experience, the Cabin Max packing cubes are sure to be top of your holiday essentials list

Product description

If you are tired of having to search through your luggage for a specific piece of luggage you packed or just simply want to be able to squeeze some more luggage into your travel bag then look no further than theCabin Max Packing Cubes.

Simply pack your items into yourpacking cubesand when arriving at your destination, remove them from your travel bag and enjoy your holiday without having to waste any time on unpacking, and with the mesh inserts it ensures your luggage within can breathe and you can see from a glance what is stored within and the top grab handle allows you to easily move and store the cube either full or empty.

The included toiletry bag is totally transparent and measures 20x20x10cm and has been designed to fit within IATA guidelines for travelling liquids, so helping you speed through security by being prepared!

(set includes two packing cubes and one toiletry bag)


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