Barry.Wang Mens Leather Belt Black Ratchet Belt with 3 Automatic Buckles Adjustable Strap Gift Box

SALE PRICE: £25.99

  • ①What a waste of a great belt strap if you have only one buckle for it!
  • ②Belt Buckles: Automatic sliding buckles; nickel-free and zinc alloy material; electroplating technology on brushed steel.
  • ③Belt Set: 1 black leather belt with 3 designer sliding buckles, to be different you.
  • Fastening: buckle
  • AGDK-077/094/1004-DE-150-A
  • ④Belt Strap: 130cm long and 3.5cm wide; double head layer cowhide leather; 37 position rubber ratchet tracking system; no holes on strap; cut it to fit your waistline.
  • ⑤Collocation: Change the styles by your clothes; have all 3 belts all at once with much lower price.
  • ⑥Gift Wrap: Great birthday and holiday gift for men! @ALL MEN

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