Energenie MIHO003 Hand Controller, White [Energy Class A+]

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  • Take control of your Mi|Home adapters, switches and sockets locally
  • Use instead of the Mi|Home App when in the home
  • Multiple controllers can be used at the same time
  • Pair each controller with up to 4 devices, whether plug-in adapters, light switches or wall sockets
  • 50M range, battery included

Product description

Product Description

The MiHome remote control can control the standard adapters, switches and sockets. It can be used to Control all the legacy devices without the use of a Gateway. This function applies to the MiHome Light Switches, Smart Plugs, Sockets and Relays. The pack contains a single remote with batteries.

Manufacturer’s Description

MiHome Gateway

Set up the MiHome Gateway through the FREE MiHome app to open up the world of MiHome. After you set up your MiHome account, you choose the MiHome devices you want to control. Because it is a modular system, you can add what devices you want and how many you want. There are no restrictions as to what you want to achieve in your smart home. There is also the potential to utilise voice control with the integrations of Amazon Echo and Google Home, as well as integrations with the Nest Learning Thermostat to improve the utilisation of the MiHome Radiator Valves. The MiHome Gateway provides the communications to the rest of your MiHome devices through radio frequency, and locally stores timers so in the instance of a connection issue, your MiHome system will still be able to respond to its timers. The MiHome Hand Controller is also another great alternative to control your devices when there is a network problem as this also runs through radio frequency. The MiHome app is the companion to the system and provides all functions alongside the online web portal, accessible at mihome4u.co.uk. Here you can sign into your MiHome account and set up your devices. MiHome is a Smart Home!

MiHome System

With the MiHome system, there are four sub-categories. The Mains Power Range, which contains all of the Sockets, Smart Plugs, Relays, Multiplugs and the Whole House Monitor. This range has a combination of both control and monitor to ensure that you create a controlled and energy efficient smart home, saving money on your energy bills as well as having the capability to control your appliances from wherever you are. Then there is the Lighting Range which contains all the lighting products. These include the Light Switch, Master Slave Light Switch as well as the upcoming releases of the Double Light Switch and Dimmer. The Heating Range contains all the MiHome heating products. These include the MiHome Radiator Valves and the MiHome Thermostat. Finally there is the Sensory Range.This range contains all of the MiHome sensors which help you to monitor presence and movement in your home from wherever you are. These include the Motion Sensor and the Open Sensor, which act as the ideal duo when monitoring presence in your house. There is also the upcoming MiHome Click, which helps you control your home with the “click” of a button.

Amazon Echo

With the use of the Amazon Echo, you can create voice commands which are synced to the MiHome control products. This capability works among the MiHome Light Switches, Sockets, Smart Plugs, Radiator Valves, Thermostat and Relays. The Amazon Echo becomes the perfect comapnion to the MiHome system. You can create commands such as “Alexa, turn on the kettle”, or “Alexa, tun on the living room light”. You set up through the Alexa Skills app, signing into the MiHome Skill using your login details used on the MiHome account that you want to add.

Google Home

With the Google Home integration, you can also create voice commands which are synced to the MiHome control products. This capability works among the MiHome Light Switches, Sockets, Smart Plugs and Relays. The Google Home also becomes the perfect comapnion to the MiHome system. You can create commands such as “OK Google, turn on the kettle”, or “OK Google, tun on the living room light”. You set up through the Google Assistant app, signing into the MiHome Action using the login details used on your MiHome account.

Nest Learning Thermostat

Integrate your MiHome Radiator Valves with the Nest Learning Thermostat. You can set the Radiator Valves to follow the Nest Learning Thermostat, and set override functions, schedules and automatic memory settings. You can connect up to the Nest using the MiHome app and setting each individual Radiator Valve to follow the Nest, allowing you to fully utilise the zonal heating features that the MiHome Radiator Valves have to offer and combine seamlessly with the memory functions that the Nest has to create the complete heating solution.

MiHome About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words.

Simple, Affordable and Accessible

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

A simple problem and a desire to help people save money on their bills! We have tackled the main problem of people not being able to afford smart home, and we wanted to create an entry point into this market! We want to create a market that makes smart home accessible for everyone and want people to see the benefits that smart home system can have on their life!

What makes your product special?

We offer a modular Smart Home system which allows users to build around their MiHome Gateway and only add what they need. This is vital as it may apply to people who, per say, only want to utilise smart lighting or smart heating. Therefore, all they would have to invest in the devices that they need.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

Our big name integrations have really helped to put us on the map, and allow us to create synergies with some of the biggest companies in the world! Creating these synergies, consumers can get the benefits of both products and tailor it around their own lifestyle.

First Available: 21 Mar. 2015
Weight: 159 g
Dimensions: 11 x 5 x 2 cm
Model No: MIHO003
Type: Alkaline
Colour: White
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: Item model number
Batteries Included: Yes

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