Eylure Pro Dylash Lash, Black

Eylure Pro Dylash Lash

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  • No mix no mess
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Colour in 10 minutes

Product description

Product Description

A brand new innovation from Eylure. Pro- Lash new silver nitrate Dylash is a new generation of colours especially developed for lashes. The longest lasting Silver Nitrate lash dye is a no mixing formula. Simply apply the colour, and then apply the developer. Available in two shades: Black and Brown.

Box Contains

Colour Crème 3.5ml; Developing Gel 3.5ml; Instruction Leaflet; Mixing Tray and Mascara wand

First Available: 28 April 2015
Weight: 9.1 g
Model No: OA5301021

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