SlowTon Double Dog Seat Belt, New Dual Pet Car Headrest Restraint Safety Seatbelt No Tangle Dog Leash Duty Adjust Elastic Bungee Puppy Lead Splitter Connect Harness in Vehicle Travel for 2 dogs


  • Headrest Restraint Design — This double dog seatbelt is designed with headrest restraint. It can be used in all models of Vehicle which have headrests. The strap circle hanging on the headrest is connected by a lockable quick release buckle. The lockable buckle prevents the circle from opening and makes sure your pets safe. Adjust the seat belt to the max length and grip the strap circle to use it as a general double dog leash.
  • Practical and Multifunctional — The strap could not only be used as a seat belt, hanged on the headrest easily and the rotation metal buckle connects the dog harness or dog collar and also could use with the pet seat cover. It’s not only a pet seatbelt but also a general double leash. Whether it’s walking or driving, it gives the dog the safest protection and easy to control 2 dogs.
  • Tangle Free Design — Never worry about your dogs getting tangled with our innovative tangle-free swivel piece. The heavy-duty 360° Swivel metal Rotation buckle is easy to hook and it is perfect to avoid tangle. With this smart design, it could help to ensure the safety of your pets and prevent you from distracting when driving. It allows your dogs to sit, stand, lie down comfortably or reach to see out the window but keep the dogs from jumping around in the car.
  • Adjustable Length — With buckle on the straps and the elastic bungee inside, this seat belt can be adjusted from 20 inches to 27 inches and can be stretched to 32 inches for the maximum length. The circle can be adjusted from 16 inches to 24 inches. The elastic bungee helps dogs prevent jerking with sudden movement. The adjustable length allows the dogs get themselves comfy without restricting themselves.
  • Safety Protection at Night — The reflective stitching on the strap design enhances the visibility in the dark, helping to easily recognize the dog’s position in a poorly lit environment or on the car. The dual pet lead also reminds the surrounding vehicles to avoid accidents for your dogs, assuring your dogs’ safe.

Product description

Description: SlowTon Double headrest restraint dog seat belt is designed for two dog owners. This seat belt could be used for two dogs in different cars, vans, and trucks etc.
It can be connect with dog harness and dog collar. It’s not only a dual pet seatbelt but also a general double dog leash.

Outstanding Features of SlowTon Double Dog Seatbelt:
1. This seat belt is suitable for two dogs of different sizes because the strap is springy and adjustable. It allows your dogs to sit, stand, lie down or turn around in vehicle without disturbing the driver.
2. The dual pet car travel seatbelt also can be use as a double dog leash. It helps you save the time and energy to change the seat belt to the leash after your dogs getting off the cars.
3. 360° Swivel metal Rotation could prevents tangling. Whether you are walking or driving, it helps you control 2 dogs easily and provide safety protection.

Why choose the SlowTon Dual Pet Car Travel Seat Belt?
1. Fit all models of Vehicle with headrest. Do not need to spend lots of time to find a belt fits your car type. It’s easy to be hanging on the headrest and keeps your dogs safe if brake sharply.
2. The lockable quick release buckle of this seat belt is sturdy and the hardware is all metal while the straps are made of durable nylon. With this seat belt, dogs can’t jump into the front seat, but they can still get up to window level to look outside.

Material: Nylon with the reflective lines
Weight: 217g/7.7oz

Package Included:
1 x Double Dog Seat Belt

Warm Tips:
It’s perfect to use in the back seat to prevent dogs reach the driver’s side.

First Available: 4 July 2019
Dimensions: 14.8 x 10.6 x 4.6 cm
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No

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