artago 69T/B Lock Lock for Bike

artago 69T/B Lock Lock for Bike

SALE PRICE: £89.94

  • High strength forged steel
  • sra-
  • Made in Europe.

Product description

Anti-theft Motorcycle Scooter Lock artago 69 T/B srace block top of the range artago disk is a repellent to flight. It is one of the best lock on the market thanks to its design made from a single piece of forged steel, lock smooth anti-pick, antiperçage 5 mm disk. In addition it is not ready to rust because it is protected by a cover against dust and moisture.Its size is ideal and suitable for all types of music, at the same time this anti-theft is not just a simple lock. It can for example be used as a padlock chain if we have a number two wheels to attach together.Approved Class SRA you can then leave your motorcycle or scooter with a minimum of fears wherever.The lock artago 69 is delivered with 3 keys + The unique code to the back and with a protective case. Available in custom complement: intégrations kits; Universal; they are ideal for transport of your style and lock.

First Available: 18 Mar. 2016
Weight: 1.33 Kg
Dimensions: 13 x 4 x 7 cm
Model No: 69T/B
Part No: 69T/B

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