Footner Exfoliating Socks

RRP PRICE: £19.99
YOU SAVE: £11.05

  • Reduces hard skin and cracked heels with one application
  • Remove unwanted dead skin from your feel
  • No cutting, scrubbing and pain
  • Uses skins natural peeling process to reveal baby-soft skin
  • Easy to use

Product description

Product Description

Footner Exfoliating socks is a revolutionary product to give you smooth, softer feet with just one 60 minute application. Footner Exfoliating socks make use of the skin’s natural process to rid your feet from dead skin build-up. After just one application your feet will shed this dead skin. Feeling young and rejuvenated, your feet will be smoother than ever. Using this product helps the peeling of the hardened skin build-up on your feet. Footner Exfoliating socks makes use of the skin’s natural peeling process to remove dead skin from the feet. Within 7 – 10 days* you will be left with soft, smooth, rejuvenated, baby-soft feet. * NOTE: the exfoliating process differs per person, it may take up to 14 days.

How to Use :

1. Using scissors, cut the plastic sock along the indicated line.
2. Slip the plastic Footner Exfoliating Socks over your feet and close it with the adhesive strap to close it.
3. Keep the socks on for 60 minutes.
4. Rinse your feet. It is recommended to use Footner Exfoliating Socks every 2-3 months to keep baby-soft feet. In some cases of hard skin, Footner may not remove the desired amount of skin with one application.

Legal Disclaimer

When wearing the socks it is recommended to keep your feet in. normal position, not laying down or with your feet up high to avoid spilling any liquid from the socks. You can wear your own socks over the top of the product to help keep them in place Soaking your feet in warm water before applying the socks speeds up the process. Though this is not necessary, it will shorten the amount of time dead and hard skin takes to peel away Though the peeling skin may seem dry, avoid using moisturisers during the exfoliation process as this may reduce the effect of the product. It is recommended to leave at least 3 weeks between treatments.

Box Contains

Sealed foil packet containing exfoliating socks and instructions on how to use

First Available: 5 Nov. 2014
Brand: Footner

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