Protector 19mm High Security Chain Sold Secure Gold in all Categories (2.0M)

Protector 19mm High Security Chain Sold Secure Gold in all Categories (2.0M)

SALE PRICE: £167.99

  • 19mm Diameter links
  • Uncroppable
  • Sold Secure Gold in all Categories
  • Perfect for Motorbikes, ATV’s, Trailers, Caravans and more
  • recommended use with RL21 round lock with 19mm adaptor

Product description

Size Name:2.0M

These 19mm security chains are manufactured from high-grade European steel, and are treated with the same precise and proven specialist heat treatment and finishing processes in the UK. Domestic users will probably already know that the Protector 19mm Chains have achieved RiDE Magazine Best Buy and Recommended awards, but these super high security chains are also used by the MOD for high security applications and have even been purchased by NASA. The Protector 19mm chain is guaranteed impossible to bolt crop by hand, even with powerful heavy duty Irwin Record 42″ bolt croppers. In fact, in tests it was the jaws of the bolt croppers that were damaged. This is why they are the strongly recommended choice for securing high value equipment such as Motorcycles, Caravans, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), etc. Protector 19mm chains are the highest-approved chains on the market, having achieved Sold Secure Gold Rating for Caravans, as well as for Motor Cycles, ATVs, Plant, Cars and Vans, etc., which is a reflection of the high grade European raw material used and the specialist heat treatment which has been evolved over a number of years and which is undertaken in the UK to guarantee consistency and conformance to the precise specification. All Protector 19mm chains are approved by the UK Police, and are Secured By Design accredited. There are many YouTube hosted videos showing chunky but inferior chains being cut in seconds with bolt croppers, ..but you certainly won`t see our Protector 19mm chains being bolt-cropped! Chain Lengths and Weights Normal stock lengths are 0.6m, 0.8m, 1.0m, 1.2m 1.5m, 2.0m, 2.5m & 3.0m for the Protector 19mm chains Weight of the 19mm Protector chain is 6.3kg per metre this is a heavy as well as a bulky chain. The Protector 19mm chain features links which have nominal dimensions of: 138 x 63mm outside; 100 x 25mm inside, throughout the length of the chain, which means that a special elongated end link is not required.

First Available: 1 Feb. 2019
Part No: PD CL19P

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