MEGOO Surface Book Screen Protector,(Blue Light Blocking) Protect Eyesight Tempered Glass Screen Protector (Updated Version 2017) Also For Microsoft Surface Book 2 (13.5 Inch)

MEGOO Surface Book Screen Protector

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  • 1. Professional Design: Specially designed for Microsoft Surface Book 13.5 inch, suitable for people long time use surface to work, or eyes are easy to get tired. With precise laser cut on cameras and sensors, MEGOO Surface Book screen protector provides maximum protection and keeps original face recognize function.
  • 2. Blue light: Harmful to human’s retina. MEGOO blue light UV Blocking Screen Protector filters over 90% of 380-420nm blue light and 60% of 420-450nm blue light. The blue light blocking screen protector is of a little blue color during the day.
  • 3. 9H Hardness: Protect your Tablet from drops to a certain extent, scuffs, and scratches. It maintains original response sensitivity, multi-touch subsystem when you are using with surface pen.
  • 4. Easy Installation: Video support on YouTube by searching Keywords: MEGOO Screen Protector Installation. Unique “hinge” method and video instructions make it incredibly easy to perfectly align your screen protector. The adhesive glue could push air out itself, just position well and lay it down, it will automatically attach to the screen smoothly.
  • 5. Lifetime Warranty: At MEGOO, we back our screen protectors with a lifetime warranty. No matter how long you’ve used it, we’ll offer you a quick, and professional customer service if you need any assistance about our screen protector.

Product description

MEGOO 2017 version–designed for the perfectionism customers: 
Perfect cutouts to access all cameras, microphone, sensors, and speakers for Surface Book and Surface Book 2 13.5 inch (2017/2018), made of premium tempered glass, with special coating to filter harmful blue light. It protects surface book from normal usage and protects your eyes.

What’s the difference between HD clear version and Blue Light Blocking Version?
The shiny surface of Blue Light Blocking glass is special coating to block blue light. It reflects light when under sunshine. The color is with a little blue.
Blue Light blocking version is suitable for the people who long time use surface to work, and eyes are easy to get tired. It will protect your eyes. It is not suitable for people who need to use surface outdoors, and are very sensitive on color and clarity.

About Blue Light
Visible light wavelength from 400 Nanometers to 700 nanometers, comes from all kinds of screens, cell phones, tablet pc, computers, TVs. 400-450 is blue light.
Blue light can reach the retina, may cause myopia and excitable brown pigment; If reach your skin, may cause chloasma and freckle.
Blue light blocking tempered glass is a development of screen protector with special coating, preventing the harm of the blue light. It filters 90% over of 380-420nm blue light and 60% of 420-450nm blue light.

Package Includede:
1x GLASS Screen Protector, Accessories kit.


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