Elliott Plastic Extra Strong Soft Grip Wave Pegs

Elliott Plastic Extra Strong Soft Grip Wave Pegs


  • Great new Design
  • Made of plastic
  • Extra strong soft grip wave pegs design holds heavy wet clothes
  • Multicoloured
  • From the Range of Products from Elliott

Product description

Product Description

The Elliott Pretty Plastic Pegs are an essential items for outdoor laundry, they are made with extra strong molded plastic with a soft grip for ease of use.
The seven coil metal spring will help grip and hold heavy items without damaging your items and the double groves will also mean you can grip the lighter more delicate items without damaging them. While these are designed for outdoor use they can also be used for indoor clothes horses
This pack contains 24 high quality pegs and the assorted clothes bring some colour to brighten up an everyday duty
Elliott’s is George Easts Heritage Brand for core cleaning products. The extensive Elliott’s range covers all cleaning needs with a wide selection of Laundry, dish brushes, rubber gloves, nail brushes, dusting solutions, wet cleaning, indoor & outdoor Brushware and other essential cleaning items. For practical and functional cleaning needs under one brand

Box Contains

24x Wave Peg

First Available: 1 July 2014
Weight: 141 g
Dimensions: 15.2 x 10.8 x 5.4 cm
Model No: 10F00179

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