PEE-FIX dog urine neutraliser grass lawn patch repair treatment

PEE-FIX dog urine neutraliser grass lawn patch repair treatment

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SALE PRICE: £10.49
YOU SAVE: £9.46

  • ✅ DOG URINE NEUTRALISER FOR GRASS, WHICH WORKS LIKE MAGIC to quickly repair each grass burn patch on your lawn caused by dogs urine and other pets wee. Products such as dog rocks and rock sulphur for dogs involve placing rocks or stones in the water of your pet’s drinking bowl, or put additives into pet food, to change dogs pee so that it doesn’t cause lawn burn patches. We think this is unfair to pets, and unnecessary. PEE-FIX works directly on your lawn and NOT on your dog
  • ✅ DOG URINE OVERLOADS YOUR LAWN WITH NITROGEN COMPOUNDS INCLUDING AMMONIA, and salts which burn the grass. PEE-FIX contains natural microbes (lawn probiotics) and specific organic compost materials which work together to quickly convert these burning compounds into non-burning forms which grass loves, fixing the problem. Instead of burning the grass, dog wee is rapidly converted into non-burning fertiliser which feeds your grass
  • ✅ SOME DOG URINE NEUTRALISER PRODUCTS MAY BURN THE INSIDE OF YOUR DOG’S MOUTH (particularly products which include gypsum and lime), whereas PEE-FIX is non-toxic, organic, eco-friendly and safe for humans, dogs, cats and other pets. PEE-FIX powder dissolves faster than tablets and comes with a plastic scoop in a resealable bag. The powder won’t stain your hands, but avoid getting it on your carpet by opening the packet outdoors
  • ✅ PEE-FIX IS A 100% NATURAL ORGANIC GRASS AND SOIL AMENDMENT PRODUCT which contains a unique blend of natural probiotics (good bacteria / soil microbes) and organic compounds which work quickly to convert the high concentrations of nitrates and salts in urine (which burn your grass) into fertiliser which helps your grass grow, and also works as a neutraliser to balance the pH of both acidic and alkaline soils for healthy grass growth. Remains in the soil to help prevent future lawn burn
  • ✅ PEE-FIX can only repair grass which is damaged. It cannot revive grass which has died (no product can). If the grass in your lawn patches has died, then any new lawn seed is also likely to die quickly unless you first apply a grass treatment such as PEE-FIX to fix the cause before applying new grass seed. If you suspect that your patches may have dead grass, first treat with PEE-FIX to fix the problem, and then apply new grass seed. Good microbes for your lawn – get nature working for you

Product description

PEE-FIX will greatly increase the number of nitrifying organisms in your lawn soil, which will work to repair the nitrogen cycle of your soil and fix your dog patch problem. These good soil microbes will remain in the soil to help prevent future burn patches from appearing. The microbes lie dormant in the soil, waiting for urine to be deposited. As soon as your dog pees, the microbes wake up and get to work. We believe PEE-FIX is the fastest-working and most effective solution for quickly restoring dog urine lawn burn patches.

First Available: 30 Jun. 2019
Dimensions: 18.3 x 14.6 x 3.4 cm
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No

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