Cetraben Body Cream, Moisturiser, Perfect For Dry Sensitive and Eczema Prone Skin, Dermatological Body Moisturiser – 475ml

Cetraben Body Cream

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  • Cetraben Special blend of ingredients helps people manage dry and eczema-prone skin
  • Cetraben Cream helps to relieve discomfort, reduces the itch and the need to scratch it
  • Soothes, moisturizes, hydrates and protects the skin
  • Absorbs easily. Fragrance free
  • Suitable for adults and children over 1 year

Product description

Size:475 ml

Product Description

Cetraben creams special blend of ingredients helps people manage dry and eczema-prone skin. Its unique and balanced formulation help to treat dry and eczema-prone skin by re-hydrating and protecting it from irritants. The first medicated skincare brand to have its research approved by the British Skin Foundation. Directions the cream, lotion and ointment in the Cetraben range are simple to apply. The cream and lotion come packaged with a pump dispenser, helping you avoid mess and waste while ensuring easy and measured applications whenever you need them. Apply to the skin as often as required or directed by your pharmacist of GP, to ensure continued hydration throughout the day. We recommend that you treat your skin as frequently as possible, or as a minimum at least twice a day.
apply liberally to the affected skin, as often as you feel the need to, ensuring that the area is well covered. Apply gently in the direction of hair growth until absorbed. Avoid rubbing the cream vigorously as this could trigger itching, creating more heat in the skin. Apply your emollient before and after you bathe to protect your skin from dryness. In addition, you can use the ointment as a soap substitute as it will be kinder to the skin but just a effective as cleaning It. Prime the pump before first use by depressing fully until cream appears. If the pump stops working do not dismantle. Re-start by covering the nozzle, then fully depress the pump several times to expel air. Use as a daily cleanser:

First Available: 10 May 2017
Weight: 621 g
Brand: Cetraben

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