Lioncast Arcade Fighting Stick Controller Joystick with Programmable Buttons, Sanwa, Turbo/Rapid Mode and Rubber Feet for PC/Sony PlayStation (PS2, PS3)

Lioncast Arcade Fighting Stick Controller Joystick with Programmable Buttons

SALE PRICE: £29.95

  • ROBUST & HIGH QUALITY: This arcade fighting joystick for PS2, PS3 and PC has been made of strong materials to last for a long amount of time, enabling you to press the buttons with the exciting force the game will bring out in you.
  • ERGONOMIC RETRO DESIGN: All of the buttons on this modern, yet classic joystick have been strategically placed for optimal game performance, making it so your fingers don’t need to go far to follow through with your desired commands. Compatible for modding – Sanwa Stick.
  • PROGRAMMABLE BUTTONS & SWITCHES: Each of the buttons on this joystick can be programmed or configured to undergo specific, personalised tasks or combinations of tasks, it is entirely up to you in regards to how you want to use this device.
  • HIGH STABILITY: The joysticks rubber feet, located on the bottom of the device, keep this arcade fighting stick set in place while also preventing it from sliding around; this is only applicable when placed on hard surfaces.
  • ADJUSTABLE TURBO/RAPID FUNCTION: This arcade fighting stick device also features individually adjustable Turbo / Rapid mode for best gaming performance making it easy and convenient to button mash or fire off multiple buttons in a quick sequence of commands.

Product description

Size Name:PC, PS2, PS3 |  Colour Name:Red

Classic Arcade Fighting Stick in Retro-Look
Create a realistic arcade hall-feeling at home. With the Lioncast retro design controller you can play on all common consoles as well as on your PC due to the USB connector. The eight buttons are easy to reach and can be configured freely while the sensitive joystick recognizes even smallest movements. The cool black and blue design scores with a timeless look and a high-grade finishing.
You can link the Lioncast Arcade Stick to your favourite console thanks to the versatile USB connector (compatible with Sony PlayStation 2 {PS2}, PlayStation 3 {PS3} and PC).

Robust and ergonomic design
All eight buttons are easy for your fingers to reach and can be configured to your preferences.
The very sensitive joystick recognises and translates the slightest of movements so it doesn’t take much effort on your part to get the controller to do what you want in the game.
The case is made from metal with a robust plastic shell to complete its aesthetically pleasing look and feel.

Great for modding
All buttons can be replaced with custom switches, such as Sanwa parts, to give it a custom appearance that stands out from other arcade fighting sticks.
Customise your fighting stick to your liking! The possibilities are infinite and can provide you with more comfort in addition to a new look.

Turn your home into an actual arcade
If you’re a fan of Tekken, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat or the like, this Arcade joystick is the perfect controller for you!
With the Lioncast Arcade Fighting Stick you can finally enjoy such games the way they were meant to be enjoyed. From button mashing to strategic play, this controller is perfect for Arcade fans of every level.
The cool black and blue design is timeless and it is housed in a robust casing that makes this joystick durable and long-lasting.

First Available: 30 Nov. 2014
Size: PC, PS2, PS3
Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 5 cm
Model No: 10159
Material: Plastic
Colour: Red
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No

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