ib style® Berrin Safety gate 67-175cm | Stair gate | No Drilling | 90° Stop | Auto-Close | 75-85 cm

ib style® Berrin Safety gate 67-175cm | Stair gate | No Drilling | 90° Stop | Auto-Close | 75-85 cm

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  • SAFETY CHARACTERISTICS: Auto-Close function, 2-step safety opening, 90° locking. Complies with the European safety standards EN 1930:2011!
  • RECOMMENDATION: Wall protection caps provide the best possible hold, U-rails stabilise the transition from grating to extension, the base plate ensures a comfortable passage. Choose individually according to your needs and order the suitable accessories directly with ASIN B07T9ZT6MJ !
  • RAILING MOUNTING: Y-adapters enable mounting on railings with round rods with a diameter of up to 7cm
  • NO DRILLING: For clamping with 4 clamping points for a secure hold.
  • Just choose the right size, we will send you the giter including the necessary extensions. For optimum safety, one connecting rail per extension is included in the scope of delivery!

Product description

Size Name:75-85 cm

ib style Berrin safety gate

A high-quality stair and door protection gate made of metal with auto-close function

For clamping – no drilling necessary
absolutely safe, and very quick to install

Very stable metal frame with 4 clamping points
This guarantees a very secure hold

The door can be opened with one hand – can be used for left and right
an adjustable “stopper” is attached to both sides for security – easy and quick to open

Due to the special mechanism, the grille closes automatically after passing through it
Closure with safety button, which can be opened with one hand

Simply select the desired size and we will assemble the grid for you with the
fitting extensions.
A connecting rail is included in the delivery for each extension. This is mounted on the transition between the grille and the extension.
This ensures optimum stability

The Y-adapters allow the installation on stair railings. The Y-adapters are exchanged for the adjusting screws (with rubber plugs).
You can use the Y-adapters to attach the grille (on one side) to terrain with round bars with a
diameter of up to 7 cm. The Y-adapters are exchanged on one side for the
adjusting screws.

Our recommendation: Use the appropriate accessories for even more safety and comfort.
The matching wall protection caps with anti-slip surface ensure optimum grip even on smooth surfaces.
With the matching base plate, these provide an optimal transition on the underside,
so that no tripping hazard is created. You can find the accessories under ASIN B07T9ZT6MJ.

First Available: 5 July 2015
SKU: B01107G3M0
Dimensions: 83 x 76 x 6 cm
Batteries Required: No

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