Decorative Stones For Garden – 10 kg Blue – Premium Coloured Rocks: Garden & Outdoors

Decorative Stones For Garden - 10 kg Blue - Premium Coloured Rocks: Garden & Outdoors

SALE PRICE: £24.99

  • Colored decorative rocks by DECO Stones are designed for landscaping Gardens – Flower beds – Cemeteries – or to create all kinds of patterns and drawings Outdoor and Indoor
  • Waterproof – Colored Stones can withstand all kind of atmospheric pressure and the stones are specially treated so that the paint will not fall off even in heavier rainfall
  • Sun resistant – Garden Stones will not fade and change their color even in the hottest summer and in direct sunlight
  • Frost resistant – our Decorative Stones are completely safe from frost – we have frozen and thawed our stones more than 100 times and continue to do so and the properties of the stones do not change at all
  • To buy the required amount of Decorative Stones, you need to know your pattern dimensions – colored rocks are usually sanded to such a thickness that the base (geotextile) is not visible and the coating looks homogeneous, usually about 3.5 cm. TO COVER 1m2 YOU WILL NEED ABOUT 25-30kg. CAUTION – Consumption may increase on uneven surfaces

Product description

Item Display Weight:10.0 Kilograms |  Colour Name:Blue

Decorative Colored Granite Stones – Fraction 11-16 mm – Color Yellow – in 10 kg bags -Endless possibilities of use – Creating various patterns in the garden – Flower bed decoration – Cemetery improvement – Building edging – Filling a decorative vase – Decor element under the glass of the coffee table – Filling the floor under the epoxy resin layer. Attention, color may look different in the images on your device (tablet, smartphone, computer) it depends on brightness settings of your device. Also product looks different in different lighting (in the sun it shines, but in shade it looks darker).


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