ENVAHI | Bike Repair Kit | Bike Tool Kit 18 in 1 | Bike Multi Tool Accessories with Tyre Levers, Repair Multifunction Tool Kit with Storage Bag, Mountain Bike Tools for Outdoor and Indoor Use: Amazon.co.uk: Sports & Outdoors

ENVAHI | Bike Repair Kit | Bike Tool Kit 18 in 1 | Bike Multi Tool Accessories with Tyre Levers

SALE PRICE: £17.99

  • ✅ KEY ACCESSORIES: This bike repair kit will allow you to ride your bike with peace of mind. No more wasted days, this bike tool kit / bike tyre levers will be your most faithful and lightest companion.
  • ✅ ULTIMATE EFFICIENCY: This bicycle tool kit is used to tighten, set, adjust, disassemble. This bicycle accessory disassembles bicycle tyres and will help you to solve many problems concerning maintenance operations and emergency breakdowns.
  • ✅ PRACTICAL TOOL: This multifunctional bicycle tool is light yet strong, compact, and functional. The 18 in 1 tool is easy to carry thanks to its discreet pouch with a sculpted and unique design. Bike multi tool made from high quality stainless steel.
  • ✅ MULTIFUNCTION KIT: This Multifunction Tool Kit containing 18 tools in a compact pouch consists of : 5 BTR Allen keys, 1 flat and cross-headed screwdriver, 1 Allen key, 1 hexagonal key with sockets, 3 sockets, 3 tyre levers, 3 flat spanners.
  • ✅ EXTENDED WARRANTY: The ENVAHI bike tool being a high-quality accessory, we have specially extended the warranty from 30 to 120 days so that you can be reassured of the quality of this material at the time of your purchase. This bike repair kit is suitable for all types of bikes and mountain bikes of all sizes for men and women. It is also perfect for your pushchairs, appliances, toys and many more.

Product description

No more incessant stops due to breakdowns during your bike outings. With our ENVAHI bike repair kit, the pleasure will reach its climax and your long journeys will be nothing but unforgettable moments for you. This tool kit has been designed for all types of bicycles. In addition, it will also be very useful on many other everyday objects and will help you to repair many damages on your bike. The design of this accessory has been made with high quality stainless steel and the set is compact in a pouch having a unique and quality design. This accessory can be called the cyclist’s indispensable tool because it is small, light and resistant and will help you in the event of a breakdown or a small adjustment on your bike on a daily basis during your excursions and rides. A newfound passion for cycling! A passion is also nourished through the objects we use, and this is the case for every cyclist who respects himself and takes care of his favourite accessory. This tool will make you forget all your breakdowns and restore a deep sense of pleasure during your cycling sessions. The advantages of the ENVAHI bicycle repair kit : Ease of use and transportable Compact, strong, and lightweight Convenient at all levels Absolute serenity Cycling at ENVAHI means choosing safety today. To do so, you must anticipate breakdowns and be accompanied by our multifunction tool which will help you whatever your activity and your needs may be. ADD YOUR NEW DAILY COMPANION TO THE SHOPPING CART and make the pleasure on a bike last as from TODAY!


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