Steam Cleaner Powerful and Multipurpose Portable Hand Cleaning Vaporeto to Remove Stains in Car Upholstery, Home, Kitchens, Carpets, Crystals, Sofa | Steam Cleaner Vaporizer with 9 Accessories: Kitchen & Home

Steam Cleaner Powerful and Multipurpose Portable Hand Cleaning Vaporeto to Remove Stains in Car Upholstery

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  • ECOLOGICAL AND SAFE : 100% Chemical free, you only need water to get it under pressure. Thanks to its safety cap you can handle it safely since when the water is hot you will not be able to open it and the trigger has a locking system and the steam can be regulated by the prison.
  • ✅ CLEAN, DISINFECT AND DEGREASE ✅: With our steam cleaner there will be almost nothing that resists you thanks to its hot water pressure in your home or in your car, storage rooms, terraces, garages, bed bugs, mattresses, sheets, covers, kitchen, hob, carpets, radiator, upholstery, tiles, joints, blinds, window slots, bathroom, tires, marble, curtains, cages and pet beds, is a perfect glass cleaner, ends with mold, grease, bacteria and virus. etc…
  • FEATURES : The hand steamer includes 9 accessories to facilitate any task and uses you have to do, with an average pressure of 3.5 Bars. There will be no corner where steam does not reach. It is light, since it weighs 1.36kg. Thanks to its ergonomic handle it will make its operation practical and simple. The tank is 250 ml. (European 2-pin F-type connector)
  • VERY EASY TO USE: You just have to refill the tank and when the indicator light goes out in about 3 minutes, you can start cleaning simply by pressing the trigger at the desired power since it is adjustable from 2.5 Bars to 4.2 Bars using the extensible that best suits each moment.
  • SAVE TIME AND EFFORTS : You won’t need a thousand cleaning accessories. With our multipurpose hand steamer you can clean everything you want without having to be rubbing without stopping, or put your hands in unsafe places to reach every corner.

Product description

Cleans, Disinfects and Degreases. Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, molds, proteins, mites, bedbugs and fleas, removes grease stains, dirt, dust and allows you to finish cleaning in a short time and maintain the order of your home thanks to its 900 W – 1050 W and up to 4.2 Bars at a temperature of 136 ° with a 250ml deposit.

Includes 9 Accessories to facilitate any task and uses you have to do there will be no corner that does not reach the Steam: Hose Extension, Manual cleaning brush, Tissue brush, Long nozzle, Concentrated jet nozzle, Bristle brush, Cloth for delicate areas, Measuring cup and Funnel.

& # 9733 EASY AND SAFE& # 9733
The ECOVAPORETA indicator light will turn off in approximately 3 minutes, indicating that it is ready to use.
Press the Safety Cap and turn it to unscrew, remove it, put the funnel and fill it with the measuring cup. Replace the cap and wait for the light to go out and you can do a good cleaning of what you want with the portable steam cleaner.
When the Vaporizer has evaporated all the hot water and the boiler is empty, it is automatically deactivated to avoid overheating.
The Trigger carries a Safety Lock to avoid operating the Steam Cleaner by accident.

Buy now our Hand Steamer and leave Your home Clean and disinfected right now!

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