Good Nite Mattress with 5mm Memory Foam Medium Hardness 3D Breathable Knitting Fabric Fire Resistant Support System 18cm Deep (Single (90 x 190))

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About this item

  • Size + Material: 90 x 190 x 16 cm (35.4 x 74.8 x 6.3 inch) . The white knitted fabric is top side, followed with 1.5 cm sponge and 5 mm memory foam to make sure sleep soft and comfortable. Spring at under layer offers firm support to the back. Please make sure sleep on the top side and enjoy the comfortable sleep, if you sleep with the bottom side, you may feel uncomfortable
  • Spring + Memory Foam: The spring mattress has the advantages of good elasticity, better supportability, strong air permeability and durability. Foam mattress can close the curve of the body, while providing support, it is flexible and flexible, and can also buffer the movement of the body
  • Safety + Breathable: 100% comfortable and 3D breathable fabric of natural ecological fiber, completely environmentally and friendly. Antibiosis, Anti-odor, Anti-allergy, Anti-mites. Expel the steamy sweat from the contact surface between you and mattress so to keep body comfortable and dry when sleeping. (Fire-Safety, standard UK fire-retardant treatment. Flammability certifications: BS 7177 )
  • Medium Hardness: The combination of hard spring and soft sponge and memory foam make this single mattress not too hard and not too soft. Middle hardness single mattress suitable for children, adults and the elderly
  • Ergonomic Design: Excellent shock-absorption and High resilience with massage wave shape, promote the blood circulation in good condition, fully relax your muscles and release the body stress, keep your spine balanced and positive, help adjust and correct your sleeping posture to greatly improve your sleeping quality

Product Description

Good Nite Cares Your Deep Sleep!

Good Nite mattress makes you don't want to leave the bed. A comfortable sleep can relieve your stress. A mattress that is neither too soft nor too hard is your best choice.

3cm Foam + 15cm Sprung

  • The foam layer disperses the body gravity and evenly supports each part of body, fully releasing muscle pressure and solving back pain.

  • Spring pads offers a basic elasticity and rigidity, cushioning the body against gravity and keeping the spine naturally straight.

Deep Sea Sleep

Unique honeycomb design has excellent moisture absorption and breathability, ensuring faster release of moisture and humidity and keeping you fresh and dry

Coil Spring

The 2.3mm diameter spring is thicker than ordinary springs, so it has better support and more stability

Vacuum packed, rolled and boxed and delivered.

Easily move to any of your rooms

Medium Hardness

Mattress is too soft or too hard, it will cause muscle strain on the back, cause low back pain and discomfort.

Not hard Not soft-Just right mattresses are suitable for all people

How to open the mattress?

1.Good Nite mattress is vacuum packed into Box.

2.Open the PE flm layer by layer, must't use scissors to cut the PE film

3.Tear the sealed PE bag gently by hand, wait for 2-3 minutes to expand

4. Mattress's internal structure can be restored after 2 days,Please use after 2 day

SizeHypoallergenicKnitting FabricRolled & Boxed
Single 3FT (90 x 190)Single 3FT (90 x 190)Double 4FT6 (135 x 190)Double 4FT6 (135 x 190)
Weight: 16.9 kg
Dimensions: 190 x 90 x 16 cm; 16.92 Kilograms
Brand: Good Nite

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