Paint Thickness Gauge DPM-816 | Coating Depth Meter for Car | LCD with backlight | Range 0-3500 um | Fast & Accurate | Resolution 1 um | Ferrous, Non-ferrous (Black)

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  • Wide range 0-3500 um; Accurate Fe/nFe sensor; Resolution 1 um; Accuracy up to 1%+1 um
  • Auto recognition for ferrous and non-ferrous substrates (distinct sound signals for each)
  • Fast measurements in Single (up 40 times per min) or Continuous mode (4 times per sec)
  • Automatically switches to Winter Mode in cold weather and Adjusts to the Current Environment
  • Easily switch measuring units between mils/μm/mm; Calibrate your device in just 30 seconds

Product description

Measures coating thickness

Magnetic induction method – thickness of various dielectric (paint, plastic, primer, etc.) and electrically conductive, non magnetic surfaces (aluminum, zinc, chrome, copper) on a ferrous metal substrate (steel, iron).

Eddy current method – thickness of various dielectric coatings (paint, plastic, primer, etc.) on a non-ferrous metal substrate (aluminum, zinc, copper)


Check condition of used car. Non-Destructive testing. Paint process control. Industrial manufacturing control.

For example: when buying a car, before repairing dents without paint (PDR), or scratch removal.


– Accurate coating thickness measurement on ferrous, non-ferrous metals;
– Measures on convex and concave surfaces;
– Measures on galvanized surfaces;
– Measures deviation from a sample;
– Wide range of measurement up to 3500µm (137 Mils);
– Resolution: 1, 5, 10 µm depending on mode;
– Measurement deviation (0-700 µm): ± 1% + 1 µm.
– Measurement deviation (700-3000 µm) ± 1% + 10 µm.
– Measures in millimeters, mils, and micrometers;
– Wide operating temperature range -25 to 40ºC with automatic calibration adjustment;
– Informative LCD display with backlight;
– Sensor pressure stabilization;
– Automatic metal type recognition (Fe/nFe);
– Automatic and manual selection of measurement methods;
– Low battery indicator;
– Automatically turns off power and backlight;
– 5 modes for various measurement conditions;
– Independent calibration using one, two or six points of reference, saved to non-volatile memory of the device;
– Distinct sound signal for each measurement method;
– Complies with industry standards;
– 3 year factory warranty;

SKU: B078VSK244
Dimensions: 10.4 x 4.3 x 2.9 cm; 50 Grams
Model: DPM-816 Pro
Batteries Included: 1 AAA batteries required.