StrongTek Under Desk Foot Rest Rocker, Stool | Natural Wood, Non-Slip Surface | Ergonomic Pressure Relief for Proper Posture Support | Home, Work, and Office PC Use | Compact (350LB Capacity)

SALE PRICE: £41.95

About this item

  • Reduce Foot Fatigue, Improve Focus – This ergonomic foot rest helps gently elevate your feet, legs and knees to help improve circulation and restore your natural energy.
  • Well-Balanced Rocker Design – Each flat under desk footrest features curved “feet” with anti-slip grips on the bottom that let it roll and tilt without slipping or sliding.
  • Slip-Resistant Textured Surface – The top of our PC footrest is designed with a tough grip surface to help you maintain control with feet and for full body weight standing.
  • Strong, Natural Wood Construction – These desk foot rests are crafted with heavy-duty Lauan hardwood plywood for long-lasting strength and reliable durability.
  • Trusted StrongTek Support – Our ergonomic under desk rests for your feet are backed by superior quality, fast customer service, and a guarantee you can rely on.
Weight: 1.54 kg
Dimensions: 44.96 x 26.67 x 11.18 cm; 1.54 Kilograms
Brand: StrongTek
Model: FP-100

Product Description

reduce leg stress leg pain

Why Rocking Foot Rest?

When you’re stuck sitting at an office desk or workspace for hours on end, it can be difficult to find a comfortable position. What’s more, it can make your feet and legs tired and sore, which impacts your overall comfort, focus, and productivity.

That’s why we developed the StrongTek Wooden Footrest that slides under your desk or below your seat to help you rest your feet comfortably and find the right posture to improve circulation, reduce aches and pains, and give you more movement when you’re sitting for long periods of time.

movement and circulation

Key Features:



Relax your leg

Rubber Grips

The non-slip rubber on the bottom of each rolling “foot” not only helps keep it from sliding or moving around, but also provides a protection for wood flooring or carpeted surfaces.

Anti-Slip Surface

The textured top surface is an ultra-fine grit that gives you more stability, but it’s still safe enough to use with or without shoes on depending in your comfort needs.

Well-balanced & Moveable

The smart, well-balanced design and moveable action lets you roll your feet, ankles, and legs forward or backward to keep you moving, improve circulation, and reduce pain.

foot rest rocker

foot rest rocker

foot rest rocker

foot rest rocker

Comfortable Angle / Height

4.4 Inches height relieves stress from upper legs. The low-profile design makes it easier to slide underneath a standard desk area for discrete use.

Lightweight and Portable

Lightweight and portable, you can easily use this footrest under your desk at work or at home for long periods of gaming. It’s ideal for anytime you need to sit for long periods.

Leg Pain Relieving

Rocking gives you more movement when you’re sitting for long periods of time, helping to improve circulation, reduce aches and pains.

Standing Desk Compatible

Using an under-desk footrest to elevate your feet and legs is a smart, easy way to increase natural circulation. And by stretching your lower leg with the back and forth momentum, it can help reduce fatigue, improve focus, and lead to more productivity.

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