SIMOLIO Digital Wireless TV Speakers with Optical, Wireless Handy Speaker with Hearing Assisted, Portable Wireless Speakers for TV, Voice Clarify TV Speakers for Hard of Hearing, with 2 AC Adapters

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  • DIGITAL OPTICAL INPUT: compatible with most modern TVs/Cable boxes/WIFI TV boxes etc. You don’t have to spend extra money for a digital to analog converter, and avoid a mess of wires and a heap of connections behind the TV. For streaming medias(Netflix, Amazon prime video, hulu etc.) watching directly from your Smart WIFI TV, this model is your best choice. RCA and 3.5mm inputs and cables are included. If your TV’s optical port is connected with a soundbar, you should buy an optical splitter.
  • PERSONAL CUSTOM WIRELESS TV SOUNDBAR FOR HARD OF HEARING: A perfect replacement of wireless tv headphones,to free your ears from heavy and uncomfortable on /in ear headsets.FHSS tech promises avoiding interference automatically and reproducing a private clear TV dialog directly at your side from a distance up to 100 feet. Leave the others in your family a normal TV volume.
  • HI-TECH WIRELESS SPEAKER FOR TV: with the VCT (Voice Clarifying Tech), AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and TONE adjustment design, make the TV dialog stand out from the background music clearly.For most TVs,you can hear TV by bringing this speaker next to you, others can hear TV with normal voice; But for some TVs,e.g.,some LG models, the TV’s speaker will go silent and only this wireless speaker works.It depends on TVs’ circuit design.We suggest to consult your TV manufacturer for more details.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN TV SPEAKER & POWERFUL LI-BATTERY & TWO POWER ADAPTERS: it can support 6 hours continuously battery working, you can take it to your kitchen, bathroom or yard etc, you will never miss any favorite tv programs anymore. Two power adapters included, one for transmitter power supply, another is used for speaker’s power supply and charging from the wall outlets directly, no need to return the speaker to the base for recharging, and allows TV lovers to enjoy tv all day long.
  • WIRELESS TV HEADSET FUNCTION: with the special designed lightweight and noise isolating stethoscope headset connected to the speaker receiver, you can watch TV quietly by setting TV at a mute condition. NOTE: 1.Pls check and confirm that your TV/other device supports PCM audio format before purchasing; 2. If you have a pacemaker or other medical device, we don’t recommend purchasing this unit.
SKU: B077L26R9K
Dimensions: 27.2 x 24.6 x 11.2 cm; 1.32 Kilograms
Model: SM-621D
Batteries Included: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Manufacture: Simolio

Product Description



  • Before purchasing, check audio output of your TV/related audio source first, Digital Optical (Toslink/SPDIF), RCA or 3.5mm AUX Audio Out port is what we need. When using TV optical audio out, MUST set your TV audio format to PCM.
  • Not for TVs with non-functional audio out ports (test before purchase). When hooking up an external audio device, some TV internal speakers might not work or become muted. This is TV’s feature.
  • Please refer to the related video and product comparison table at this page for details.
  • From marketing statistical analysis, if you experience no sound, sound cuts in and out, too much noises, most issues are caused by incorrect operation. Pls refer to the user instructions or write to us, we are confident to get one good solution for you.
  • These RF products are not available for pacemaker carrier as well as people with severe hearing loss.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1: Why can’t I hear any sound from the speaker after connecting all the cables well?

  • Ensure you set the TV or TV related AV device’s audio format to PCM when you use digital optical connection.
  • There are three audio cords included (optical, RCA and 3.5mm), in the end, only one of them is needed to complete installation.
  • For some TVs, you may have to activate the TV audio out by changing the TV’s AUDIO OUT setting to "External TV Speakers". Use your TV remote to go to the TV setting menu, select Audio and follow the instructions in your TV user manual.
  • Please adjust the volume of TV and TV related AV device (e.g., TV, cable box, STB) to a sufficient level.
  • Place the transmitter as far as away from built-in Wi-Fi devices esp. Wi-Fi router to avoid interference.
  • Check the working condition of your Simolio unit through your iPad/PC etc.

Q 2: Does the SIMOLIO speaker mute the tv sound? Can others in my family hear TV while I use the SIMOLIO unit?

  • This is a TV feature and its availability depends on your TV design. Please check your TV manual or contact the manufacturer to ask weather the TV speakers can work or not when the audio output is activated.
  • For most TVs, the TV's internal speakers and an external audio device can work simultaneously. Such as, for some newer LG TVs, when do RCA audio connection, you can set the “Sound Out” to “Internal TV Speaker + Audio Out”. And for some newer Samsung TVs, you can enable this feature by selecting “TV Speaker” from the TV Sound Output lists.
  • However, for some old TV models , the built-in speakers might not work if you choose to use an external audio device (e.g., speaker, headphone). If your TV is like this and you only watch programs from one fixed AV device, such as cable box or STB etc, just hook up the Simolio unit to that device for enjoying TV with your family together.

portable wireless tv speaker, easy to carry

  • Latest 2.4GHz Digital Automatic FHSS tech promises super sound reproduction, no need pairing, no delay, no interruption when people passing by. Easy to use, just plug and play. It’s stronger signal can go through ceilings or walls, you can sit at any position or take it walk around in your home to hear TV programs.
  • Voice Clarifying Tech: reduce background sound of TV, increase the sound of dialogues, so that hard to hear words can easily stand out.
  • Auto Signal Control: adjust the sudden increasing volume and make the audio output stable, which prevents the user's hearing from being damaged by loud voice.
  • Tone Control (Treble/Normal/Bass): customize your personalized sound effect according to your hearing.

All above points can ensure you to hear TV dialogues effectively, no need to only depend on the volume increasing for helping to understand the TV conversations.

Portable wireless tv speakers equipped with unique headset

  • Brings clear TV sound next to you. This portable wireless TV sound box is ideal for seniors or the hearing impaired individuals who struggle to find the optimum volume level on their TV. It is also a great choice for those who are used to watching late night TV shows by plugging the unique designed anti-dropping headset into the speaker while the TV is on mute.
  • Never missing your favorite TV programs with the SIMOLIO wireless TV speaker system! The lightweight and portable design plus the convenient handle and built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery allow you to take it anywhere in your home, even in another room to enjoy TV.

used as a wired speaker

big knob, easy operation

two charging solution, power saving

Used as a Normal Wired Speaker

As an added bonus, the speaker receiver can be independently used as a wired speaker for PC, Laptop, Mobile phone, iPad, MP3 etc.

Super Big Volume Knob Makes Operation Easy; TONE (Treble/Normal/Bass) Control Enhances Clarify of TV Sound

The Big Knob with one dial operation of ON/OFF and volume control in the centre area of the speaker makes you operate the speaker by your fingertips easily.

The TONE switch is specially designed to deliver improved dialog clarity for people who have different sound frequency sensitiveness. Select Treble to enhance female voice and kids’ voice, select Bass to enhance male voice.

Rechargeable & Replaceable Battery / Two User-friendly Charging Solutions / Intelligent Power Saving

The built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery supports about 5~6 hours continuously working. It can be replaced easily. (our store has replacement batteries on sold)

The transmitter is also a charging base for the speaker, and it includes a second AC Adapter that can plug into the speaker for charging as well as power supplying.

For protection of transmitter and power saving, the transmitter will go into standby automatically if there is no audio signal for 5 minutes, if there is no audio signal from the transmitter within 5 minutes, the speaker will enter standby automatically. If the audio signal returns, the transmitter will be automatically re-start, but your have to restart the speaker by turning it off then turning it on by hand.

compatible with all TVs

TV Sound Out and TV Audio Format setting

TV sound setting

Multiple Audio Out Ports Supports

Compatible with most TVs on the market, the SIMOLIO SM-621D supports Optical, RCA and 3.5 mm / AUX audio outputs. For Optical connection, make sure the audio format of your TV/TV related AV device must be set to “PCM”.

For RCA connection, make sure the RCA ports are labeled as ”AUDIO OUT/OUTPUT/AV OUT”.

For 3.5mm/AUX connection, it’s better to try it with a wired headphone to see whether it will disable your TV internal speakers. For TVs with only Optical audio out and occupied by a sound bar, you will need to purchase an optical splitter for installation.

For TVs with only Coaxial output, you will need to purchase a Digital to Analog Audio Converter for installation.

For TVs with only HDMI (ARC) audio out, you will need to purchase an HDMI to RCA converter for installation.

For AV receivers with a 6.35mm phone jack at the front, you will need to purchase a 6.35mm to 3.5mm audio adapter for installation.

TV Sound Out and Audio Format Setting

For TVs that support only single sound out, we don’t recommend to use this SIMOLIO unit to watch tv together with your family. Unless you have a sound bar + splitter.

For some TVs, you can play audio through TV internal speakers and an external audio device simultaneously by setting the “Sound Out” to “Internal TV Speaker + Audio Out(Optical)”.

For digital optical connection, make sure to set your TV/TV related AV device’s audio format to PCM. Dolby / DTS is not supported.

The menus for sound out and audio format setting are not the same from different TV brands. Please refer to your TV manual for details.

TV & TV Related AV Devices' Volume Setting

Sufficient sound output is needed to ensure Simolio working properly.

VOL.1 > 40%, VOL.2 > 30%, just for your reference. The bigger the VOL.1 and VOL.2, the better the S/N (Signal-to-Noise) of your Simolio unit.

Usually we suggest to fix the VOL.1 to a sufficient level, and adjust VOL.2 to control TV's volume.

If the audio output signal is too weak, it will cause the following problems:

  1. no sound from the speaker
  2. the sound of the speaker cuts in and out
  3. the speaker automatically shuts off every few minutes

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Style and Weight Under-Chin Style -2.04oz Under-Chin Style -2.04oz Under-Chin Style -2.04oz Under-Chin Style -2.04oz Portable Speaker – 35oz Over-ear Design – 9.38oz
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