Blagdon 5W UV Clarifier Replacement Lamp

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About this item

  • Maintain your clarifiers superb cleaning ability
  • High output lamps
  • Proven reliability
  • Made from durable, high quality materials
  • Clears green water algae quickly and permanently

Product description

Size Name:5W

Product Description

All Blagdon products are manufactured using over fifty years experience in fish keeping and water gardening, you can be sure all of our products are not only beautifully made, but designed specifically for lengthy and successful fish keeping and water gardening.

The Blagdon Professional UVC range shares the same contact chamber and pipe fittings making them capable of being connected into modules using this wide bore link pipes, this enables a high degree of flexibility allowing for simple expansion to meet your needs. It also helps the product with its fantastic low running costs, utilising Blagdon’s low pump back pressure contact chamber combined with efficient power compact UV lamp ensures pump utilisation and the low running costs.

The UVC can be installed correctly with the flow entering or exiting from either inlet / outlet. The unit can also be connected with either the Multi hosetail hose fittings or the solvent weld female solid pipe work adapters provided giving you ultimate versatility.

The Blagdon Minipond UVC is a high output UV designed to control algae in your pond. It works by clumping small particles of algae together to form larger particles which can then be passed through the filtration system where the larger clumps are more easily strained out by the filter media.

The Blagdon Pro range of UV clarifiers give effective long term green water control for larger ponds up to 64,800 litres (14,400 gallons). All models come complete with fittings for either hose or solvent weld pipe work and include an integrated UV light indicator window.

Box Contains

1 x 5 watt UV clarifier bulb

Dimensions: ‎3.2 x 22.4 x 8.41 cm; 40.82 Grams
Part: ‎Unknown
Manufacture: ‎Interpet Ltd
Reference: ‎Unknown

From the manufacturer

Genuine Blagdon Replacement Spare Part

Keep your Inpond in working order with this UVC lamp

Suitable for:

  • Blagdon Minipond 4,500 Filter
  • Blagdon Minipond 9,000 Filter,
  • Blagdon Minipond 4500 UVC,
  • Blagdon Inpond 5 in 1 2000
  • Blagdon Inpond 5 in 1 3000