OREGON 12V Sure Sharp Electric Chainsaw Chain Grinder/Sharpener, Chain Saw Maintenance Sharpening Tool (585015)

SALE PRICE: £29.95

  • Electric saw chain sharpener: 12-volt grinder comes with a car power adapter and alligator clips. Sharpens most chainsaw chains up to .404-inch pitch
  • Sharpening stones inside: Contains 3/16 Inch (4.8 mm), 5/32 Inch (4.0 mm) 11/64 Inch (4.5 mm) and 7/32 Inch (5.5 mm) grinding stones
  • Easy chainsaw sharpening kit: Simple sharpening angle adjustment guide for accuracy
  • Lightweight: Ergonomic design. Long power cord included (5 meters)
  • Powerful motor: Runs at an optimum 25,000 RPM
Weight: ‎660 g
Dimensions: ‎20.32 x 3.81 x 20.32 cm; 660 Grams
Model: ‎585015
Part: ‎585015
Pack Quantity: ‎1
Batteries Required: ‎Yes
Batteries Included: ‎No
Manufacture: ‎Blount International / Oregon
Quantity: ‎1

From the manufacturer

chain sharpener

Oregon SureSharp 12V Handheld Saw Chain Sharpener

Ideal for occasional chain saw users, this light-weight, ergonomic tool makes hand-sharpening easier. Conveniently sharpen saw chain on the go with its compact portability and stress-free operation. This rugged, economical grinding solution can withstand periods of extended use for durability you can rely on.

chain sharpener

Sure Sharp 12V Handheld Saw Chain Sharpener Instructions

chain sharpening

chain sharpening

chain sharpening

Step 1

  • Inspect your chain for damage and locate the cutter with the most damage as your starting point
  • Identify the proper filing angle for your chain- you can find this information in the Sure Sharp manual or by lining up the angle adjustment guide with the chassis of the chain

Step 2

  • Plug your Sure Sharp into your car’s power outlet or attach the clips to your car battery adapter in the engine compartment
  • Select the appropriate grinding stone for your chain and place it in the collet
  • While holding the button down, tighten collet by hand using your thumb and index finger
  • Use the wrench to tighten the grinding stone to ensure it’s securely fastened in the collet

Step 3

  • When grinding, don't hold the tool in one location – work it back and forth along the cutter for even wear on the grinding stone and to avoid creating "hot-spots”
  • Evenly sharpen both the left and right hand cutters, ensuring you remove all the damage so that it'll hold the edge
  • Reset your depth gauges – this is critical to your chain's cutting performance

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