Schwinn Koen Kids Bike with SmartStart, Stabilisers, Adjustable Seat, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 Inch Wheels, Multiple Colours

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About this item

  • This Schwinn Koen boy’s bike with 18 inch wheels is designed for children 3 – 7 years old or 42 – 52 inches tall. The Koen is the perfect choice for both established and young riders alike, giving the them the perfect platorm to progress their riding skills
  • With Schwinn’s SmartStart Technology, this bike is designed just for kids: lighter frame, cranks and pedals are positioned forward, gearing designed for easier starting, narrower pedal positions, and smaller grips and seat
  • Includes front and rear cable actuated caliper brakes, allowing for safer control of speed. UK bikes will come with two brakes and are tested to EN Standards
  • The adjustable saddle, seat post, and slack seat-tube angle make for easy, tool-free adjustments to allow the Schwinn Koen boy’s bike to grow with your child and prepare them for a full-sized bicycle
  • The Schwinn Koen boy’s bike with 18-inch wheels comes ready to be assembled and includes the following: stabilisers, kickstand, chainguard, and number plate
Size: ‎18-inch Wheels
Dimensions: ‎106.68 x 48.89 x 18.8 cm; 14.06 Kilograms
Brand: ‎Schwinn
Model: ‎S0814AZ
Colour: ‎Black
Pack Quantity: ‎1
Manufacture: ‎Schwinn
Age: ‎Kids
Colour: ‎Black
Department: ‎Boys'
Department: ‎Boys'
Quantity: ‎1
Size: ‎18-inch Wheels

From the manufacturer

smart start learn to ride boys koen bike

Schwinn SmartStart bikes are made to fit your child's proportions

What is Schwinn SmartStart? It is a complete redesign of bike geometry to better match a child's body type to create a more comfortable, ideal riding position. This includes a lighter bike frame for added control, smaller grip diameters to match smaller hands, and a more narrow pedal position to match children's smaller hips. Other kids bikes are just shrunken down versions of adult bikes.

On a SmartStart bike, there will be less wobble while the child pedals so they will feel more confident and comfortable while going through the learning process. Plus, the seat angle was changed so as the seat is raised the reach distance to the handlebar also increases; meaning that the bike will fit your child longer.

The Faster Way to Fun!

  • Right Size: Bikes optimized to fit children for a more comfortable ride
  • Pedal Better: Narrower pedal position matches the width of a child's hips
  • Comfort Fit: Seat and grips designed to support a child's proportions

Schwinn Koens Boys bikes 12-inch smart start stabilisers learn to ride

Schwinn Koen Boys bike smart start learn to ride 12 inch

Schwinn Koen Boys Bike 20-inch smart start

Schwinn Koen with 12-Inch Wheels

Fits children 2 – 4 years old, or 28 – 38 inches tall. Adjustable saddle and a slack seat-tube angle allow the bike to grow with your child and comes with stabilisers.

Schwinn Koen with 18-Inch Wheels

Fits children 5 – 7 years old, or 42 – 52 inches tall. Adjustable saddle and a slack seat-tube angle allow the bike to grow with your child.

Schwinn Koen with 20-Inch Wheels

Fits children 6 years old and up, or 48 – 60 inches tall. The Koen 20-Inch bike is for the child who is ready to ride without stabilisers.

Schwinn Koen Boys Bike Blue 12-Inch Wheels Schwinn Koen Boys Bike Green 14-Inch Wheels Schwinn Koen Boys. Bike Read 16-Inch Wheels Schwinn Koen boys bike 18-inch wheels Schwinn Koen boys bike 20-inch wheels
Schwinn Koen Bike with 12-Inch Wheels Schwinn Koen Bike with 14-Inch Wheels Schwinn Koen Bike with 16-Inch Wheels Schwinn Koen Bike with 18-Inch Wheels Schwinn Koen Bike with 20-Inch Wheels
Wheel Size 12-Inch Wheels 14-Inch Wheels 16-Inc Wheels 18-Inch Wheels 20-Inch Wheels
Suggested Rider Age 2-4 Years Old 3-4 Years Old 3-5 Years Old 5-7 Years Old 6+ Years Old
Suggested Rider Height 28-38 Inches 36-40 Inches 38-48 Inches 42-52 Inches 48-60 Inches
Stabilisers Included
Saddle Handle Included
Number Plate Included
Available Colours Blue Lime Green Red Black Black
Schwinn Koen Boys Bike stabilisers smart start