hirsrian Mini Cute Animals Squeeze Toys Fidget Sensory Relieve Stress Toys with 12 Eggs as Home Decorations as a Good Gift for Your Kids

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  • A good toy to relieve your stress:The fidget squeeze toy is a really good toy to relieve your stress when you feel stressed, tired, anxious. You will relieve your stress by squeezing it that will calm your mood and make you feel relaxed. So it is really useful and helpful for those people who are easy to feel stressful.
  • Cute and attractive in looking: The toys are designed into mini cute animals such as pig, cat, rabbit, duck and so on. Anyway, it’s really nice and fun for kids to play. And the eggs can be hanged on the tree as home decorations.
  • Safe and non-toxic material: The toy is made of environmentally PU and silicone which is safe and non-toxic for kids to play. And the surface is soft and smooth so the kind of squeeze toys will not cause any harm to children and you can buy it without any worry.
  • A good gift for your kids: The squeeze toys are so cute that your kids must like it and the kind of toys can also help children exercise their hands-on ability, creativity and imagination. So it is a good gift for your kids!
  • Easy to carry: The soft squeeze toy is designed small in size. So when you go out, it is very easy to carry and you can take it anywhere and anytime if you need it. And you can put these squeeze toys in the eggs.
Dimensions: 30 x 9 x 4 cm; 100 Grams
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No

Product Description



hirsrian 12 pack easter eggs with 12 pack random mini squishy toys (may be repetitive toys)

Easter is coming soon, we have prepared 12 colorful Easter eggs for you, and 12 soft toys are pre-installed in the eggs. When they find that each egg contains a surprise, the child will be very happy. Happy hunting!

Our toys can be used widely

As easter decoration

As a gift to friends and family

As a stress relief toy




Party Favor

Small holes in each Easter egg, which can be hung for decoration. Colorful eggs can also be hung indoors, on trees and so on.

Soft Squishies

Mini soft squishy toys are very suitable for decompression and there are 13 different shapes, which is very relaxing.

DIY Egg Toy

The smooth egg toy can be painted with patterns, can be painted, graffiti, writing etc. Enjoy DIY fun together


Products include:

  • Pink Easter Eggs *6
  • Orange Easter Eggs *6
  • Blue Easter Eggs *6
  • Purple Easter Eggs *6
  • Yellow Easter Eggs *6
  • Green Easter Eggs *6
  • Soft squishy toys *12 (randomly sent, may be repetitive toys)