LeaderPro 2021 New Desk Fan 360 Oscillating Automatically, 36W Energy Efficient Air Circulator, Low Noise Table Fan with Remote Control, LED Touch Sensitive Screen, UKCA Approved (White)

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About this item

  • 360°Oscillating Desk Fan – 0~70° oscillation horizontally, 0~360° oscillation vertically. Both touch panel and remote control can operate the fan oscillate automatically, provides the whole room cooling air. Also, you can manually adjust the direction of this fan.
  • Low Noise – Traditional 3 durable blades make the wind quiet, ensure a silence sleep at night with minumum 25dB. This wind will circulate the whole area air with average air supply 15.8 m³ / min,948 m³/ h.
  • Energy Efficient – 36W working power helps save the electric bills. The LED screen light can be turned off if not needed. Also, when under sleep mode, the light will automatically power off if without any operation after 10 seconds.
  • Multifunction Table Fan – With 3 modes of operation including Normal, Natural, Sleep (night). Scientifically designed the wind program, and 1-8 hours timer function, it will never let you catch cold even at night.
  • Convenient – Product weight 1.8kg, power cord length 1.5 m, the handle on the back makes it easy to lift up. Easy to move, suit for bedrooms, living rooms, offices and outdoor activities.

Product Description

Why Choose LeaderPro Air Circulator Fan ?

Traditional fan: Using electromagnetic induction to quickly rotate the blades, so that the air in front of the fan flows quickly, and after passing through the human body, the moisture on the surface of the human body evaporates and absorbs heat. However, it does not have a cooling effect on the indoor air. If the indoor temperature is high, the wind blowing out is also high. On the contrary, during the operation of the fan, hot air will be released and the temperature near the fan will rise .

LeaderPro Air Circulation Fan: Create a unique airflow pattern called "Turbo". The indoor air is formed into a convection cycle to achieve the effect of balancing the temperature with a reasonable air flow direction. So you feel cool in a few minutes without worrying about headaches and skin problems.

Double Control

1.remote control, to avoid loss, you can hide it in storage slot, space-saving and refined.

2.smart touch control, LED screen, a more intimate choice.

1-8 Hours Timer

The 1-8 hour sleep timer function eliminates the need to turn off the fan in the middle of the night, which not only saves on electricity bills, but also prevents you from getting cold at night when the surrounding temperature decrease.

Light-OFF Function

1. The quiet desk fan in sleep mode, the screen will automatically turn off after 10 seconds of inactivity and remain in night mode

2. The desk fan can use the remote control to turn off the light, it won't let the fan indicator disturb your sleep

Small But Powerful Fan

Although this fan looks relatively small in size, this desk fan is the latest design model in 2021, its noise value is only 25dB, and its wind speed is very large, up to 6.4m / s, enough to use it in a space of 30㎡

1. 360° automatic rotation, 0~70° oscillation horizontally, 0~360° oscillation vertically, patented design. 3D wide-angle to oscillate the air, acceleration of ambient air circulation. Natural wind evenly covers, you won't feel tired after blowing for a long time.This design is more caring for the elderly, children and people with weaker physique.

2. The rotation angle is adjustable: 360° shaking head has a high requirement for inside motor, which can turn on automatically shaking with one key, or turn off automatically, and can also adjust any angle at a constant speed manually (the same kind of 3D fans cannot be adjusted by hand)


  • Air circulator fan + air-conditioner or heater, quickly balance the indoor temperature, improve 80% efficiency of air-conditioning/heater
  • Air circulator fan + dehumidifier, humidifiers, air purifier, etc., improve the efficiency of those machine.
  • Be placed between two rooms or next to a window to get fresh air in and bring out hot air.
  • Help dry the room or clothes in humid environment, especially in rainy season.


Watt: 36W


Rated voltage: 220-240V ~

Frequency: 50 / 60HZ

Cable length: 1.5m

Timer: 1-8 hours

3 modes: Natural wind / Normal wind / Sleep wind

Speed: 1-4 speed adjustable

Wind speed: 6.4m / s (max)

Air volume: 15.8 m³ / min (948m³ / h),suitable for 25-30㎡ room

Operating sound: 25dB minimum

Oscillation: automatic & manual, 360° vertical (3D), 70° horizontal

Remote control: 45°, within 5M (built-in battery)

Package:1x Air Circulator Fan / 1x Remote Control / 1x User Manual

Remote controlProduct sizeProduct weightMotorWind speedRated powerAverage air supplySilence
26*26*35 cm26*26*35 cm34*34*92 cm
1.8 kg1.8 kg3 kg
AC MotorAC MotorDC Motor
4 level4 level12 level
36 W36 W26 W
15.8 m³/ min15.8 m³/ min32.4 m³/ min
25 dB25 dB20 dB
Weight: 2.89 kg
Dimensions: 33.2 x 31.9 x 28.9 cm; 2.89 Kilograms
Brand: LeaderPro
Colour: White
Colour: White