SMART Moth Trap, Clothes Moth Killer for Wardrobe, 6+2 Anti Moth Pheromone Trap + Power-Up lighting Plates, Sticky Traps, Moth Repellent, Carpet Protection, Kraft Eco-Friendly Clothing Moth Glue Trap: Garden & Outdoors

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  • ✅SMART & EFFECTIVE- innovative power-up sticky moth traps with additional day lighting plates specialize in intensive capture of the clothes moths.The attractant is a female pheromone luring males into the trap, preventing the formation of new generations of cloth moths
  • ✅INNOVATIVE MOTH TRAP- Our wool moth killer not only includes fragrance free pheromone but also 2 photoluminescent plates that emit ARTIFICIAL yellow light in the dark, which effectively attract clothes moths. They will fly around that YELLOW light, but it’s the sticky pheromone on the trap that catches them.
  • ✅UNIQUE DESIGN- the house moth trap unique design makes it easier and more enticing for the insects to enter the glued surface. Insect killer trap is easy and quick to assemble. Pest control trap has been carefully thought and improved over the years. Each of our moth killer trap have an optional hook if you want to hang them in your wardrobe, and are also designed to be placed flat
  • ✅ECO FRIENDLY & BIODEGRADABLE- Our main goal these days is to live in harmony with our environment therefore our pheromone traps are made 100% out of kraft paper with biodegradable cover dividers. Traps are odourless, recyclable and harmless to humans & pets
  • ✅PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCED IN EUROPE- unlike other moth traps on the market that are made in China, SMART Trap has been produced in the UK and created based on many years of experience designing most powerful traps. The high quality material trap ensures durability, reliability, effectiveness, and practicality against clothes, wardrobe and carpet moths. Our clothes moth pheromone traps will kill it for you!
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Product Description


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This is not just another product brand name. We thought it through very carefully.

PEST – is a creature that causes damage and is a nuisance to people, especially in their homes

MATIC – problematic + pragmatic = dealing with a problematic situation sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical experience

We deal with pests and insects, which cause problems for many of us on a daily basis, in a sensible and practical way.


Pestmatic Traps are used by professionals in Europe in order to monitor and control moths, although are not sole control solution for getting rid of the moth problem (especially for infestation). Our traps include female pheromone attractant that lures MALE moths only into the glued surface, preventing the formation of new generations of cloth moths or food moths. If you see moths sitting next to the trap, they are mostly female moths, as our trap attracts MALE moths only, consequently both the male and female disappear after few days.


We care about our shared home, and our environment. We do our best to be as environment friendly as we can be. Our traps are made from recycled kraft paper.


Before purchasing any of our trap please make sure what moth you have, as they only work on certain kinds!

For PANTRY moths use only Pestmatic Pantry Moth Trap

For CLOTHES moths use only Pestmatic Clothes Moth Trap

cloth pantry moth trap
Clothes Moth Killer for Wardrobe Pantry Moth Killer for Kitchen
PHEROMONE TRAPS 8 (6+2) 8 (4+4)
MOTH SPECIES clothes, fabrics food, pantry, meal
ATTRACTANT pheromone + lighting plates pheromone