TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose Pipe – Strongest Triple Core Latex and Solid Metal Fittings 8 Pattern Spray Nozzle EU Standard Expanding Kink Free Easy Storage Flexible Water Hose (50 Feet): Garden & Outdoors

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  • Longer Useful Life, More Than 1100 Uses: Triple layer latex inner tube is the highest quality material on the market, to strength the durability, no more burst, endurance test can up to 1100-1200 uses compared to the typical life of only 200-250 uses under the water pressure of 145 PSI/10 Bar.
  • Strongest And Durable, No More Burst: The toughest elastic outer fabric is more dense and rugged than before, can protect the inner tube effectively, provides superior protection from thorns, puncture, sharp corners, more resistance to bursting and leaks, prevent damage from normal friction of dragging on the ground
  • Expands to 3 Times in Length, Easy to Carry and Storage:4.5LB only ,it’s incredibly lightweight, flexible and easy to use. Never kink, twist or tangle. It starts out 33 Feet and expands to 100 Feet with water pressure, but returns in seconds to 33 Feet after water is out. It’s compact to save storage space.
  • Solid Metal Connectors, Prevent All Leaks and Cracks:Metal connector will not break, crack, leak or corrode, it can withstand temperature. Free Spray nozzle with 8 patterns supports all your needs including gardening, watering, cleaning pets and washing your car or home.
  • Risk Free Purchase: We will take responsibility for all the items sold by TheFitLife, We ffer you 180 days 100% risk-free service to let you buy with confidence. We are quite sure that you will be super-impressed with the durability, portability and high quality of our expanding hose.

Product Description

Frequently Asked Questions About Expandable Garden Hose(Please Read Before Purchase)

Q: How long is the hose when it is retracted?

A: 25ft-9ft, 50ft-17ft, 75ft-25ft, 100ft-33ft.

Q: What type of material is this expandable hose made of?

A: Solid brass with 100% latex durable inner hose. It is so well engineered with anti-rust solid brass connectors, recently upgraded to 3750D woven fabric outer shell.

Q: Can I connect 2 or 3 hoses together when I need more length?

A: Yes, purchase a metal connector from us, then, you can connect them together for longer length

Q: Does it have a shut off valve?

A: There is NO shut off valve at the end of the expandable water hose.

Q: Can I drink from it?

A: No, you should not, as with any hose residual water may be left inside, this water may accumulate bacteria.

Q: Can I add my own spray nozzle?

A: Yes, it's the same size.

Q: Can I leave it in the sun?

A: The hose is durable enough to leave it outside, but we suggest you to store it in shape when not in use.

Q: Can I use hose wheel(or hand-wind-up) to operate the expandable garden hose?

A: No, the inner tube of the hose is made from soft latex, the force from hose wheel might damage the inner tube. We suggest just simply put the hose in the bucket after each use.

Q: Can I use the hose on a garden sprinkler?

A: No, when the tap is turned on as well as the nozzle kept closed, the confined space within the hose causes water pressure to build and makes the hose expand rapidly, if you buy a 5 meter hose, it can expand to 15 metres under water presure, but when you attach it to a sprinkler, there is no button to control the water build up in the hose, then, the hose will not expand, and the water pressure from the sprinklers will be very low.

Q: Why there is leaking from the connection on my first time use, is it defective?

A: We use a " Quick Lock " design to connect the hose to the tap and the nozzle, so when you slide down the "Quick Lock" to attach to the objects, please ensure you push it hard enough to make it fully click into the slot.


1. Compact, lightweight, easy to carry and store

2. Expands quickly to 3 times in length

3. Drains water in seconds by contracting automatically

4. No bursts, no leaks or cracks

5. No kinks, no tangles or kinks

6. Longer lifetime

TheFitLife Expandable Garden Hose

Why choose TheFitLife

Lighter & Smaller

Compact, super light weight, portable and collapsible. Only 1/3 the weight of a traditional hose, easy to carry around your garden.

Longer, Expanding 3X

Retractable and expandable, ease of use and storage. Expanding quickly to 3 times, space efficient to support multiple purposes.

More Flexible,No Kink or Twist

Flexible, never tangles, twists or kinks. This hose takes the untying of knots out of gardening and watering.

Strongest Latex Core

Triple layer inner tube is the highest quality material on the market, for strength and durability, no more burst hoses, endurance tests of up to 1100-1200 uses- compared to the typical life of only 200-250 uses under the water pressure of 145 PSI/10 Bar.

Toughest polyester Fabric

The toughest polyester outer fabric is more dense and rugged, can protect the inner tube effectively, providing superior protection from thorns, punctures, sharp corners, more resistance to bursting and leaks, prevents damage from normal friction caused by dragging on the ground.

Solid Brass Fittings

Brass connector will not break, crack, leak or corrode, it can withstand temperature from -5℃ to 98℃.

8 Patterns Spray Nozzle Included

  • Spray nozzle has 8 kinds of watering setting to meet all your watering needs. Just rotate the bezel and switch to the function you needed.
  • Thumb control flow from zero-max, fatigue-free design, meets all your flow needs and save more than 50% of the water.
  • Nozzle grip with non-slip rubber pad for comfortable use, more robust and durable than normal nozzle.
  • Standard 3/4" female connector allows a simple connection to your watering system. Equipped with rubber gasket, never worry about leaks.

Original lengthExpand length under sufficient water pressureNet weightConnector materialInside diameter / Outside diameter of the inner hoseOptimum working temperatureWater pressure requestMax water pressureEight patterns nozzle included1/2" and 3/4" tap adaptor included
2.5 m5 m7 m10 m
7 m (25 Feet)15 m (50 Feet)22 m (75 Feet)30 m (100 Feet)
0.5 kg0.95 kg1.63 kg2.04 kg
Solid metalSolid metalSolid metalSolid metal
4 Bar4 Bar4 Bar4 Bar
15 Bar15 Bar15 Bar15 Bar
Dimensions: 22.2 x 21.4 x 10 cm; 1.36 Kilograms
Part: TFL-HY-Black-50-UK-FBA-NEW
Manufacture: TheFitLife
Reference: TFL-HY-Black-50-UK-FBA-NEW