French Coffee Press – Double Wall 100% Stainless Steel – (32 Oz) – by KICHLY

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About this item

  • Steel double wall coffee press to get the -brewed coffee at home or for camping trips without worrying about cracks or rust
  • It is sturdy enough to be used for extensive commercial purposes like in restaurants or hotels
  • It removes all grounds from your coffee giving you an amazingly smooth cup of coffee
  • The large 32 ounces french press makes 4-5 mugs of coffee so that you can enjoy it with your friends
  • Disassembles easily and dishwasher safe for thorough cleaning

Product Description

Have A Feeling Of A Café’s Coffee In Your Own Home:

With the Utopia French Coffee Press, you will feel as though you were serving coffee or tea at famous café around your town. Appreciate the solace of your home, while running your taste buds with delightful refreshments. Coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, tea mixtures, frothed milk, Utopia French coffee press has no restrictions

Coffee Can Enable You To Discover Your Directions:

Presently, with all the anxiety and diligent work, you appear to have lost yourself in stresses, being constantly worn out and depleted. Simply take this Utopia French Coffee Press and you can again reconnect with yourself. This easy to utilize and clean machine, which figures out how to separate essential oils and trap every single concealed fragrance from coffee beans and tea leaves, is quite recently the technique you have to use to recover your grin! The formula for a cheerful, sound way of life is covered up in your coffee mug.

The Best Quality Stainless Steel Material:

Utopia stainless steel French Press Coffee maker is produced using top quality stainless steel, both the inside and outside. Other French press may utilize stainless steel on one side as it were but this Stainless Steel French Press is made to outlive other espresso producers. The inside and outside stainless steel shape a Double-wall development which is more proficient to hold warm contrasting with single wall development. Therefore, it is attractive to drink your coffee crisp. In any case, when required, it can keep your espresso hot longer.

Moreover, the 3-layered stainless steel filter structure traps the little coffee beans to create an extraordinary full-bodied flavor.

Worked to last, with a premium double wall coated stainless steel casing, top and plunger, your French Press won't rust and stay with you for some and numerous more years to come. This is certainly one custom you won't need to surrender!

Espresso Building At Its Finest:

The enhanced plunger plate is solid, super COMPACT and every one of its pieces are staggeringly all around associated. Clearness in life and in espresso! Never again will you encounter espresso beans in your mouth because of the profoundly viable and proficient 4 – Filter Screen System


· Makes the ideal sizes for espresso. 946ml or 32oz French coffee press, ideal for 8 glasses (4 mugs) of beverages

· Built to last from 304-review stainless steel, warm safe borosilicate glass and without BPA, food safe plastic

· Extra fine, 100-matrix funnels, there's no ground in your espresso

. A lifetime of delectable refreshments, with no compelling reason to supplant channels or buy costly dangerous plastic K-containers

· Quiet and perfect for travel, open air outdoors, home or office condition

· Easier to use than a dribble coffee maker. Mixes inside minutes and no soaked channels to manage

· Quickly dismantles for cleaning. Dishwasher safe.

The Fresh Way to Make Coffee:

· Add 1 tablespoon ground espresso for each 4 oz. of water

· Gradually empty boiling water into the coffee press

· Give the coffee a chance to brew for 4 minutes

· Delicately press the plunger down

Pour and make the most of your fresh tea or espresso

Weight: 940 g
Dimensions: 22.6 x 15.8 x 13.4 cm; 940 Grams
Model: EU0313
Colour: Silver
Colour: Silver