Otes Shooting Games Toy for Kids, 2pk Foam Ball Popper Air Toy Guns with Scoring Standing Target, Space Blaster Gun Toy, Boys and Girls, Zombie Theme, 30 Safe Foam Balls, Indoor&Outdoor Games

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  • Contents: Two blue and red air shock wave toy guns with 360°rotating docking, 15 red foam balls, 15 blue foam balls; a standing shooting target with a zombie theme. The upgraded version of the configuration is no longer a boring game for one person. Two children with different-colored guns can start an exciting competition. It is very suitable to be given to children as a Christmas, Thanksgiving or birthday gift. Our gun toys can bring you endless fun.
  • Two Different Game Modes: Our products have two game modes. The first is: a two-player shooting competition or family members fighting. The two contestants each hold a gun and shoot the ball into different frames by aiming at the target to get the corresponding scores, which are 25, 50, 75, and 100. The person with the highest score wins. Another mode is that parents can set a certain goal for the child, and let the child practice continuously to reach the target score.
  • Interesting Zombie-Themed Target: Equipped with a zombie-themed standing target. The zombie image is cute and cute. It will not scare the child, but at the same time, it will arouse the child’s curiosity, stimulate the child’s interest, create a tense and exciting atmosphere, and encourage them to pick up the gun and shoot at the target. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The process of playing can improve children’s concentration and exercise their reaction speed.
  • Safe Materials, High Quality and Durable: The connectors and tubes of standing shooting target are made of non-toxic and harmless material. All parts have no sharp edges or corners, which will not harm the health of children. The ball is foam and very soft. It will not hurt the child or damage the furniture or objects. Compared with other products, our unique sniper rifle structure will prove to be durable, thus ensuring the rear of the gun can withstand the impact of air without scattering.
  • Easy to Install and Operate: Only the target needs to be installed, and the installation time will not exceed 10 minutes. The use process does not require batteries. Just fill the air gun with foam ball bullets, aim at the bullseye or other shooting targets, move the barrel back, squeeze the air, and then launch the foam ball, the ball can rush out of the muzzle by the force of pressure, and the range Up to nearly 25 feet.
Dimensions: 43.4 x 30.5 x 9.8 cm; 1.25 Kilograms
Brand: OTES
Manufacture: OTES

Product Description


Otes Moving Shooting Game Toys for 5 6 7 8 9 10+ Years Old


  1. Two different game modes, competitive game or self-challenge mode, which can meet all your needs.
  2. air powered shooter set is made of safe ABS and EVA material.
  3. It helps to develop children's practical skills, improve their concentration, bring them joy, and improve communication and feelings between children and parents.
  4. entertainment toys that can be used indoors and outdoors, parties or other activities, rainy or sunny, your kids can enjoy the fun of shooting games.

Package include:

  • 2 x pump action toy guns
  • 15 x red foam balls
  • 15 x blue foam balls
  • 1 x target (needs to be assembled)

Otes Shooting Game Gun Toys Main Points




Soft foam ball

Includes 30 shaped balls to keep the fun going. Easy to take out for recycling and shooting.

The ball material is soft and can be reused, which does not harm the child. No damage to furniture when used indoors.

Stable shooting

The rectangular design of the target base is stable and not easy to tip over.

Premium air powered toy guns

Air-firing toy guns allow shooting from a range of up to 25 feet.

Equipped with two toy guns in the package, parents can take part in the shooting game and enjoy the happy time with their children.

How do you use toy guns?


  1. Load the ball ; (The gun can hold 13 balls at a time)
  2. pull back and push;
  3. Shoot foam ball.

Applications & Exquisite Package:

Ideal gifts for your children for Christmas, Thanksgiving or birthday.


1. When firing, the muzzle slopes down slightly to make it easier to fire bullets.

2. Please use children under adult supervision.

3. Not suitable for children under 36 months.

4. Do not aim at eyes or face