Polymer Clay 24 Colors Oven Bake DIY Colorful Clay Safe and Nontoxic Soft Modelling Moulding Colorful DIY Toys by Schoone, Best Gift for kids

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  • ✔ STRONG PLASTICITY: It is vety easy to form shapes, soft clay is environmental protection, good toughnesss, moderate hardness and non-toxic.You can make many kinds of artwork depend on your imagination.
  • ✔ 24 COLORS: This colored modeling clay pack of 24 vibrant colors, get this 24 colors modeling clay back home for your daughter or son is not only a box clay but an endless imaginative and creative possibilities.
  • ✔CREATED IMAGINATION : Good for miniature and advanced Polymer Clay crafts, such as ploymer clay flowers, dolls, cakes, etc. Of course you can use. It for other kind of craft as well. Use your imagination.
  • ✔ COLOR INSTRUCTION: The picture just for reference and the color will be supplied randomly, while basic color will be included.
  • ✔HIGH QUALITY: This knd of ploymer clay can be steamed, baked and boiled. Non-toxic, eco-friendly brightly-colored, durable plastic tools, Very soft, smooth, non-sticky. Does not stick to your hands, super stretchy

Product description


1. Feel delicate moderate, environmentally friendly, Non-toxic, Bright colors, Texture
2. Made of Natural Materials, is not easy to be caused by oxidation cracking fade.
3. Ideal DIY materials, is conducive to the development of children’s comprehensive perception.


◆ Material: soft clay
◆ Weight: 1.25 Ib
◆ Product Size: 3 * 4 * 1 cm / 1.18 * 1.57 * 0.393 inch
◆ Packing size 20 * 14 * 2 cm / 7.87 * 5.51 * 0.78 inch
◆ Colors: 24 colors 

Package Includes 

24 pcs Clay blocks, Project Booklet, tools, Accessories package.

How To Use 

1. Just a few basic tools to get started: a smooth work surface (marble, glass), an oven, some shaping tools.

2. Make the polymer clay shaped what you want,it is time to use an oven to fix it. It’s best to reserve a “”dedicated oven”” for baking polymer clay. Using your home oven is an option for very infrequent baking sessions, but you must thoroughly wash out the inside afterward with baking soda and water to remove any baked on residue from the fumes, which will re-release when you use the oven later to bake food.

3. Temperature regulation is critically important when baking polymer clay, generally speaking, most polymer clay projects are baked at 135℃ (275℉) for 20-25 minutes. Baked clay can be re-baked as needed.

Safety Guidelines 

1. CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. 
2. While working with raw polymer clay, take care not to rub your eyes. Wash your hands frequently and especially before eating. 
3. Always bake polymer clay in a room with excellent ventilation. Leave at least one window open and use a fan to blow the fumes away from your work area. 

First Available: 3 April 2017
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