Electric Air Pump, portable quick fill AC Inflator Deflator with 3 Nozzles 220V AC/150W 50/60Hz Quick Fill Electric Pump for Inflatable Air Mattress Pump Air Bed Pool Toy Raft Boat(Home)

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  • 【Quick fill Inflator & Deflator】The electric air pump is equipped with strong quality motor to ensure fast inflation and deflation, Faster than most hand pumps on the market, which saves much time, no waiting, enjoying life.
  • 【3 Detachable Nozzles to Choose】We have 3 nozzles of different size in the electric air pumps, it can fit most inflatables you need to inflate or deflate.
  • 【AC Electric Pump】The electric air pump is compatible with 220V-240V AC 、power150W 、Electric air pump frequency50/60Hz , air pump power cord — home power adapter.
  • 【Portable electric air pump】The air pump has small size and portable design, will spare more room. You can take it with you wherever you go.
  • 【Versatile use】Our quick air inflator is suitable for most different sorts of aerated products, such as air mattress pump, air bed, pool, toy raft boat, inflatable furniture, swimming ring and more!
Dimensions: 13.3 x 11.7 x 10.1 cm; 440 Grams
Brand: PeTnessGO
Manufacture: PeTnessGO

Product Description

Air Pump
Electric Air Pump
electric pump for paddle board

electric pump

electric pump for inflatables

air bed pump

Electric Air Pump

The PeTnessGO electric air pump delivers a simple way to inflate or deflate airbeds, inflatable toys, paddling pools, and any other inflatable products.

3 Nozzle Attachments

The air pump comes complete with 3 different sized nozzles that simply attach to the main body of the unit and will suit all standard valve fittings. Small is best for kids inflatables, Medium for Airbeds, Inflatable pools and Large for bouncy castles or boats.

Easy To Use

Compact and rugged electric air pump made of sturdy ABS plastic. handy, lightweight, and easy to carry. The air pump can be transported anywhere with great ease thanks to its lightweight stature.

air bed pump

hand pump for inflatables

electric paddle board pump

Lightweight & Compact Design

The mini air pump is lightweight, perfect for your palm.And this pump will not only help you inflate your product, but can also help deflate it quickly.Therefore, this is a practical and essential gift for summer.

Electric air mattress pump is portable for operation independently by one person.

High Power & Enjoy It Fast

Each air electric pump comes with three nozzle attachments to suit all standard valve fittings and fills inflatable items faster, which can make you change nozzles easily and have more time to enjoy more inflatable items and relaxation. 150W/0.54psi electric air pump can inflates and deflates large air mattresses and other larger inflatable toys in 3-5 minutes.

Save More Place of Your Home

When the weather is hot, are you worried that your wardrobe is filled with huge clothes or quilts? Choose Inflatable Air Release Pump, you can free your wardrobe! By compressing it, you can save up to 80% of the space and keep your wardrobe from being crowded.

camp beds for adults
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