House Building Blocks, Art Gallery Building Blocks Toy with Lights, 3536 Pieces House Building Parts Compatible with Lego

SALE PRICE: £232.26

  • Model size: 25.5 x 25.5 x 28.8 cm. / Number of parts: 3536.
  • Material: high-quality accessories, made of ABS plastic, environmentally friendly. It is made of high-precision molds, and there are no hidden dangers such as burrs and chamfers. All parts are perfectly compatible with Lego.
  • Design: This building has three floors, which can be separated left and right, and the internal structure can be seen. The first floor is a small kitchen, the artist’s living and working area, the second floor is an exhibition area, and the third floor is a storage room with lighting components. You can see art galleries of different styles.
  • Attached with detailed paper instructions: the product is packaged in stages. The installation can be completed without disassembling all parts at the same time, which greatly reduces the possibility of missing parts and improves the overall experience.
  • Exquisite gifts: the best DIY gifts, suitable for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Easter gifts for family and friends.

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Colour Name:As Shown

As Shown

Colour: As Shown
Colour: As Shown
Reference: ZW0824JM047